The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants

The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants
The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants

The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants

This is a tragic story of a small girl, hailing from a small village in India. The everyday tussle to mend the needs of her family, did not stop her from dreaming a magnanimous life. She had vibrant dreams of getting crowned with the titles of beauty pageants of the world. Many mocked at her when she expressed her dream to them. Some even dampened, by commenting about her murky skin color and ignored the sharp and attractive features.

However, no societal snag could deter her from painting colorful dreams of life. After a lot of struggle, she cleared the state and national level selection of the beauty pageant. One step away to enter into the global beauty pageant competition, her name was removed from the international selection list, for the obvious political reasons and bias towards the skin color. The true colors of the beauty pageant competition besieged, which thronged her from within.

Appreciating beauty is innate quality in every human. So it is not surprising why the history of beauty pageants is traced down to the antiquity of time. Beauty pageants were a source of entertainment in the olden days. The jury included the great minds of the city like warriors, public speakers, philosophers, poets, actors and sculptors. It was in 1854 when the first beauty pageant in America was carried on, but this was closed down due to public protests. It was in 1880s when the modern beauty pageants were started. Since then, Beauty Pageants have come a long, every year crowning someone as the Miss World and Miss Universe. Only one can be eligible for the title. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the sway of the beauty pageants is long lasting on all the contenders. The invisible and unfamed colors of the beauty pageants, remain colorful long after the culmination of the ceremony.

Beauty pageants have some seriously long lasting impact, not just on the winners, but on all the participants of the competition. The behind the scenes of the competition is completely opposite than the on-screen scene. The skinny contestants who glide across the stage, are warily and meticulously crooked about the perfect teeth, perfect skin, and perfect bodies; and are contrived to pose in different angles in front of the jury, regardless of their comfortability. An inch more or a little dusky tone, along with off screen abusive remarks, lead to depression and low self-esteem in the participants.

Many people advocate beauty pageants, as a platform to showcase the talent and a stage to imbibe the confidence, to face challenges of the world. Nonetheless, the rule book of beauty pageants, which includes the specific sizes and magnitude the body segments portraits as a well-organized racist episode. Such criteria’s makes the participant, interrogate the inherited features of an individual’s personality. The most awful facet is the price tags attached to her body parts and not for innate qualities, remarking it to be the apogee of the womanhood. The tantrums and meltdowns of the cutthroat competition are well scripted and choreographed.

Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Continent, etc., are the titles, judged and crowned based on the external beauty. The inner talent and beauty such as academic achievement, empathy, social skills, athletic pursuits, etc., takes a backseat in the world of pageants. The actual colors of the abusive journey in the formative years, implants the abiding fear towards life. With so much of bruises by the bluster beauty pageants, I question the requisite of shepherding such events, locally or globally.

The Battle of the Quotients

The Battle of the Quotients
The Battle of the Quotients

The Battle of the Quotients

The astounding scientific explorations and inventions transmuting into cutting-edge technologies, to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle by the mankind, is worthy of all the appreciation of the world. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the human race, certainly needs a big round of applause. While we brag about the achievements, somewhere in this journey, the growth of the Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been slower, when compared to the former. The fact is that, the battle of the quotients of Life is, typically won by the Intelligence Quotient, which is a lost battle of the mankind.

The suicide stories of the young blood, in our day to day life, are the witnesses of the lost battle. The dreadful results of the research conducted by the WHO, clinches that, suicide adds to 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 15th leading cause of death in 2012. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15–29-year-old. The age group is a point that needs to be noted. Such studies, reinforces the presence of human threats around us.

A few months back in May, one of my friend was waiting for the results of the twelfth standard examinations. Despite the presence of excellent educational institution and rigorous coaching classes, he was unable to live up to the expectations of his near and dear ones. Not that he failed, but passed with less percentage. The guilt of, not being able to satisfy the expectations of the parents, and the fear to face the world, led him to commit suicide. It is evident that, he had a very low emotional quotient. Every small defeat and disappointment is leading the younger generation to commit suicide.

Suicides have become very common. It is happening around us. We need to stop neglecting and start tackling this social evil. There are hundreds of reasons associated with it. Some of them are, family expectations, unemployment, poverty, professional battles, human relationship hardships, etc. Inferences incurred out of the analysis of the causes of the problems is, that the roots of all these problems are the same – ‘Expectations’. It might either be self-expectations or hopes of a parent, colleague, boss, partner, friendships etc. When such expectations are not fulfilled, they lead to depression, abetting the person to take such a drastic step. Whether we agree or not, this is happening around us, and most of the times in our family.

The idea of suicide has definitely penetrated in all our lives, at least once, at some point or the other. Ask yourself or your loved ones. You will come to know the myriad of unexpressed daily haunting stories of the mankind. Such discussions would prove that irrespective of whether, we have the IQ or not, EQ must be groomed for the human race, especially in the younger generation. With proper education and appropriate exposure to media, intelligence quotient is a sure shot winner in itself. However, it is essential to develop the emotional quotient of the individuals.

The solution to the most catastrophic delinquent ruining the lives of our children, starts at home. The vital life skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management is the prerequisite of parenting a child. It must be a compulsory part of the curriculum for the school and college students, grooming them, to tackle the hardships of the life. Being conscious of how your words and actions affect those around you is also important, regardless of the environment you are in.

It is the emotions that make the mankind intelligent. The emotion ‘curiosity’ creates the necessity, which being the mother of all the inventions. Therefore, the intelligence comes into existence. Hence, if there is no emotion, there is no intelligence. The race to be the first in life, satisfying all the expectations, will be in the ‘ON’ mode for the entire life. However the battle of the quotients of life is either a win-win scenario or the vice versa. Neither the IQ nor the EQ, can win over each other. The battle is to stay on par with each other (IQ & EQ), tackling the hitches of life. It is a team task of two members (IQ & EQ) of an individual’s life. IQ and EQ are the two irreplaceable paddles of a cycle, where one cannot function without the other.

Pen and Paper Pierces Precision to Life

Pen and Paper Pierces Precision to Life
Pen and Paper Pierces Precision to Life

Pen and Paper Pierces Precision to Life

When you have a tech-savvy partner and you are allergic to too much of technology, it is obvious that friction would exist. A few days back my partner was trying to pen down notes for a course, which he is pursuing. After writing two lines, he got back to the online google sheets. In a matter of few minutes, it was obvious, that, he was completely out of touch of using pen and paper for a while. That’s when the whole inconclusive debate about technology meddling our age old habits began.

In our school days, we are always coached to write and practice our curriculum. It was the most annoying method of the philosophy of Teaching and Learning. Knowingly or unknowingly, that habit has been infused in my blood and I have gained the wisdom to appreciate the same. Thanks to my teachers at school, even today, I write down my ideas first, using paper and pen and then on the online documents. The practice of jotting down, which was an easy way out, to the problem of forgetfulness, has gone leaps and bounds.

Today the medium of writing has shifted from hard copy to soft copy which can be accessed, shared and distributed to any number of people, across the world at any point of time. Having said that, there are irrefutable benefits of using a paper and pen. It is a wonderful way of brainstorming the ideas. It adds better clarity of thoughts and infuses the writer to ponder, in different perspectives, about the same subject. It combat’s the writer’s block. Even today, all my blogs and writings are first written on a paper and then online. Paper and pen pierces precision in every aspect of life.

In this digital age, when the technology is blossoming every day, most of us seldom use paper and pen. I might sound a little old fashioned, to say that, even today paper and pen are my best friends. They always listen to my thoughts without any predisposition. The impeccable joy of reading letters from our loved ones cannot be replaced by any digital product. In short, it might be too uncanny for many tech savvy, that, to me, Pen and Paper is Mightier than a Pen Drive.

Biopic – The New Trend of Indian Cinema

Biopic - New Trend - Indian Cinema
Biopic – The New Trend of Indian Cinema

Biopic – The New Trend of Indian Cinema

The viral video of ‘Hanikaaraku Baapu’ of the movie ‘Dangal’ is in the repeat mode of my playlist. The lyrics of the song are as amusing and addictive, as its music and visual. ‘Dangal’ is a biographical sports drama film based on the true story of the wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari. The trailer of the biopic movie has already set the stage and instilled the excitement in the audience. The Biopic is certainly a new trend of the Indian cinema that is going to last for a while.

Action. Thriller. Drama. Romance. Comedy. The Indian Cinema has it all. Indian cinema has come a long way since its inception. Indian cinema has evolved in its own pace and gone through a gradual and steady transformation. Whether it is a change from black and white films to multicolored screens, live recording to studio digitized recording, animations, use of high end technology for the production, on screen story’s portrayal, scripting etc. Every facet of Indian cinema has seen an advancement in itself. On that note, Biopic is the new trend of Indian cinema, which is changing the dynamics of the audience tastes. In short, it is a new feather added to the glory of accomplishments of Indian cinema.

The recipe of Biopics and accolades have been a winning formula in the Hollywood, with films like The Aviator, The Iron Lady, Lincoln attracts industry’s highest appreciation – The Oscar. Recently, this newly lubricated formula of film making has been contagious in Indian cinema. The movies based on real life characters are hitting the screens and accepted by the audience very well. The movie buffs are attracted to such movies like The Dirty Picture, Neerja, Chak De India, etc., by the depiction of the struggle, lifestyle and challenges of common man who rose to fame through hardships, regardless of the area of achievement. The biggest advantage of making biopics is the instantaneous connect with the audience. Such stories, when portrayed in a simple and clean fashion, with a perfect story depth and gripping scenes and mesmerizing music, inevitably fascinates the audience. The movies intuitively acquire a promotional impetus.

There are a multitude of factors that influence the success of a biopic such as the demographics, psycho-graphics, commerce and culture. The mindset of the audience has also undergone a drastic change which is visible in the outpouring interest in such movies. Biopics is not a phenomena that could be dimmed with the advent of a new trend. It has emerged from its roots to stay for a while. The most perplexing part of making a biopic is to encapsulate a real life in 150 to 180 minutes of the show time. Having said that, it must be appealing and engaging for the audience. It must be definitely be worthy of the time and money spent on it.

After a long hectic week, weekends are always awaited to be happy, peaceful yet exciting. Cinema has always been the weekend agenda for most of us. When the weekend is all about a Biopic blockbuster hit, it is like an icing on the cake. More than being a movie, such subjects of film making have always been a source of inspiration and seeds of social change and encouragement in the hearts of the audience. Is Biopic the new recipe of cinematic excellence impelling the societal philosophies or a novel revenue spawning strategy of the cinema industry, will always remain a futile debate?

The Irreplaceable Ingredient of a Relationship

Time - The Secret and Irreplaceable Ingredient
Time – The Secret and Irreplaceable Ingredient

The Irreplaceable Ingredient of Relationships

In the past decade, I personally witnessed the changing social dynamics of relationships. Thanks to the technological encroachment for infusing sweetness and bitterness in relationships. We are able to relish the joy of connecting with our loved ones in no time. It is a fact, that we are more privileged and liberated than any other generation of the past. However, knowingly or unknowingly even today relationships are always taken for granted. The effort to nurture an enduring relationship is lacking. The secret ingredient for any relationship to last long is lost, regardless of the title. This secret ingredient is well known. Yet we are ignorant about the same. Yes. You are right. Time is the secret ingredient in a well reared relationship.

It is dreadful to witness a series of fissure in the relationships of my near and dear ones. A break of a relationship for reasons such as lack of understanding the limits of a relationship, lack of expression of the emotions, insecurity, complacency, conflicting relationship goals, social isolation, emotional hurts, lack of communication etc., and the list is endless. In some cases, I do not find the reasons to be genuine and at times it sounds justified. May be what is genuine to me can be fake to them or vice versa. True that, I am not wearing their shoes to experience their travails. The most common root cause is the lack of investment of time. Time is the irreplaceable ingredient leading to the success of a relationship. It is not a secret or magic ingredient. Just like salt in a savory or sugar in a desert, time is inevitable to build a relationship.

When any of my loved one goes through such a scenario, the only question that I ask my partner is, ‘How did we sustain in an eighteen year old friendship, four and half year old long distance relationship and a marriage for a lifetime’. Coming from different cultural background and entirely an opposite system of upbringing, we are strongly opinionated individuals. At times our tastes for life doesn’t match. Sometimes our outlook towards life is not the same.

Hitherto, regardless of our differences, the secret ingredient of the success of our relationship is ‘Time’. We were fortunate to have got an amazing foundation for our relationship in the name of friendship. The dynamics of the relationship changed completely, when friendship turned into a committed love and a lifetime marriage. We have invested irreplaceable quantity of time for each other. Irrespective our events of life, we always prioritized each other likes and dislikes. We always made sure, no matter where and how we are, we communicated with each. We always appreciated each other’s space. We have always accepted each other the way we are.

My mother always used to reinforce this saying, ‘One can never clap with one hand’. For any relationship to sustain, it must be mutual. The action and reaction must be from both the sides. Not just husband-wife relationship, even friendships, sibling associations, etc., all need love and time. Time needs to be devoted to enrich the love in a relationship. In short, time is never enough for any relationship.

A long lasting relationship is distinctive because it always needs time, irrespective of the glitches in it. Give
time and get back love in return. The joy of giving the precious time of your life for your loved ones is unmatchable. If you wish to rekindle the beauty of your relationships and recreate memories, do it today. Go and rebuild your relationships by investing time in them. Time to make time for your loved ones. It is not now or never. It must be ALWAYS. Always dedicate time for your loved ones. You never know what life is going to show up tomorrow.

Crossing the Edge

Crossing the Edge
Crossing the Edge

Crossing the Edge

We all have a secret space in our heart. The love and respect for that space is impeccable. We do not like if someone tries to dig in that private zone. There are plenty of emotions buried inside the private zone. We do not share it with anybody, regardless of whether they are parents, siblings or life partner. It is absolutely discourteous and awful if anybody intrudes our privacy. Crossing the edges of that space without our permission creates bruises in the relationships. This emotion is mutual to all of us.

When I say ‘Us’ it is implied even for the famous personalities and celebrities as well. Unfortunately, we as the audience along with the media, always cross those edges. We make the best of our efforts to take a deep dive into their personal space and encroach their private boundaries. Are we given the permission to do so? Do we have the right to question about their personal life? Are we allowed to make assumptions about their journey of life? Who are we as ‘audience’, to question their private life?

There hundreds of instances when the media has intervened the private life of the celebrities and famous personalities. Recently, there was a rumor about Kareena Kapoor Khan has already given birth to a baby boy. In an another instant where the honorable chief minister of Tamilnadu, J.Jayalalithaa was alleged to be dead by the social media platforms like twitter and in many television news channels. Contrary to it, she was admitted in the hospital for health issues, just like any of us.

My question to all the media defenders and illogical audience is, ‘Will you like if someone intrudes your privacy? Will you remain silent if someone speculates about your life happenings and spread it across the world without your permission? Will you agree if someone reveals the secrets of your private life? Whoever you are, famous personality, celebrity or a common man, nobody appreciates it. So why treat the other person in a different manner if you do not appreciate the same.

Celebrities and famous personalities hold responsible positions in the system. Their actions impact the social grooming. The audience can always question their professional work and its impact on the society as a whole. Celebrities are undoubtedly answerable to the audience. Nevertheless, questions about their personal life and events, must be strictly prohibited. Those delicate boundaries must never be meddled.

The media cannot be always blamed. The audience develops the thirst for such news. Hence the media act accordingly. We live in a time, where not just, print and television reporters are the news advocates. With digital media in our fist, each of us is the Newsmaker. It is the audience’s responsibility to not to trespass those subtle boundaries.
The due respect and credit must be given to the celebrities. They must be encouraged with personal appreciations for their contributions in their field of work. On the other hand, let’s treat them like every other human being. Let’s give them the space to breath. Let’s stop suffocating them. Let’s respect their private space and aid them to create pleasant memories of their lifetime, without any intervention of media or audience.

Schools, Education, Gender and much more…

Schools, Education, Gender and much more…
Schools, Education, Gender and much more…

Schools, Education, Gender and much more…

I have this, the unconsciously creepy habit of eves dropping. At times, this is what seeds story ideas. Consequently, I overheard a conversation of three mothers. They were debating about the type of schools that they wished to get admission for their children who had completed their primary education. As per the conversation, since the children were stepping into the adolescent phase, they wanted to shift them from coeducation school to a single sex school. The single sex schooling will offer zero distractions for children and they would focus better on their education. I was amazingly startled by the point of view on the subject. Surprisingly, all the three, agreed with each other’s, old school of thought, that disciplined schooling could be achieved only in single sex schools.

I second those mothers completely, that schooling is very important part of a child’s life. Schools are the second home, imparting the foundational philosophies of life. Having said that, I absolutely disagree with the thought, that single sex schools are far better for an adolescent child, when compared to coeducation schools.

Living in the 21st century, it is astonishing to witness this scene. May be your child is shy and feels uncomfortable when surrounded by the opposite gender. May be, as a parent, you feel that child will not be distracted when admitted in a single sex school. These challenges exist within every child. Some overcome it unknowingly, and some struggle to do so. Nevertheless, is single sex schooling a perfect solution? How will the child face the challenges of the world, once stepped out of the school? You might enroll them in single sex college. What will happen after that? How will they face the opposite gender in a professional environment? How will they lead a life, with an unknown opposite gender?

At a time, where parents are confused among the plethora of choices of curriculum, such kind of thoughts demolishes the approach towards the holistic modern educational system. Single sex schools may offer your shy child, a very comfortable and conducive environment to expose their talents. Then again, this would be helpful only in the present scenario. The future is going to be far more challenging. What would they do then?

First of all, it is important to understand that just by sending your child to an all-girls or all-boys school doesn’t stop them from interacting with the opposite sex. You can minimize contact when your child is in school, but you cannot stop your children meeting others through tuitions, extra classes, and neighborhood or through friends. The reality is, the more you control, the more they wish to do so.

Coeducation schooling is far more conducive for the long run. Being able to communicate with the opposite sex, both in and out of the classroom, is crucial for nurturing the children for the professional world. Such schools offer the chance to develop the communication skills, fosters gender equality and provides a highly healthy competitive environment. Coed schools prepares the child for the highly challenging real world. Especially, it grooms the child to respect and understand the thought process of opposite sex. We must agree that the Indian education system does not impart the necessary life skills such as gender sensitivity, social interaction or effective communication skills. The gender bias outlook for the selection of a school, would only dilute the little life skills that they learn at the institution.

Personally, the thirteen years of coeducation schooling have always reflected in my personality. The happy and bitter experiences of schooling have constantly aided me in understanding the thought process of the opposite sex. It has nurtured me to face the challenges of the life, in a most courageous and constructive manner. After the four walls of the house, schools are the first gateway into the real world for any child. While it can never be as comfortable as its own house, it must definitely be a perfect learning space for the child to wrestle the battles of life.

How IT & ITES can use social media to promote their brands and influence brand management?

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Branding is about getting the attention of your prospects to the uniqueness of the organization. The advantages of having a unique and established brand are clarity of vision & mission, credibility, motivation for the prospects and customer retention.

Social media is a communication platform that utilizes the extensive reach and power of the growing internet. Social media can be categorized as Social networks (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), micro blogs (like twitter, foursquare), Blogs (like WordPress, Drupal), Wikis (like Wikimedia, DokuWiki) and Social Bookmarking (like Google reader and Stumble Upon).

Brand management involves two sets of audience, internal employees and external prospects. The IT / ITES industry can harness the explosive power of social media to propagate its brand and connect with its audience. For internal audiences, Wikis can be used to share internal information to all the employees and can be a strong motivator and enhance the knowledge. Blogs can be used to share innovations and galvanize the workforce.

For external audiences, Social Networks can be used to create customized pages for the organization where promos, advertisement and documentaries can be shared effectively with the network and enhance the brand audience. Microblogs on the other hand can be used to share current events and give updates to the prospects like campus recruitment, open positions, acquisitions and status quo. A Blog is a powerful tool to share the company’s stance on major issues and for the stakeholders to appreciate the company’s direction. Social bookmarks have their uses everywhere to explosively spread the brand’s reach.

The current age is that of the internet and of explosive information growth. Any organization intending to retain and enhance its brand value needs to harness the powers of social media and use it to influence the audience from multiple fronts. Care should be taken to maintain the visibility and clarity of the organization while aggressively marketing itself in the new and untested waters of social media and internet communication.

Best Features of Smooth Skin

More than a great attire or a touch of a make-up artist, a smooth skin turns heads. Male or female, all of us wish to have a smooth skin. It is the one accessory that we are bestowed by nature, but changes as we grow. The significant features of a smooth skin are constantly interrogated. If you are still confused about “How a smooth skin looks like?” below are the important features of a smooth attractive skin:

1. A smooth skin is characterized by the pitch perfect glow that radiates and reflects positivity and makes an individual look young.
2. A wrinkle free or scar less (disease free) skin is the indication of a flawless smooth skin.
3. A well maintained skin has minimal hair growth and vaccinated at regular intervals of time.
4. A uniform tone and color of the skin is depicted in the smooth skin of an individual.
5. Absence of whiteheads is one of the striking feature of smooth skin.
6. A smooth skin has eye-catching, attractive features and looks plush to the touch.
7. A smooth skin is visible indication that the skin is less exposed to the ultraviolet rays (or sunlight).
8. A smooth skin is depicted of less usage of artificial products for the skin and more use of natural products.
9. A smooth skin is a reflection of a great skin health management regimen along with a healthy balance of lifestyle which is a perfect blend of proper intake of food, adequate amount of sleep and exercise for the body.

Skin is the protective covering to the whole system of our body. The skin helps in releasing the unnecessary particles of our body and gives a warmthful comfort for our body. Hence it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy, nourishing of our skin. The bottom line is that a healthy and attractive smooth skin is a way for people to know the inner beauty of an individual.

Rich Media Solutions is the way forward

In the present scenario, business is all about finger tips. Just with one touch, the business hit the peak or remains the same. This is the current status quo of the global business environment. It can be rightly said “digital” is the way forward. It is not enough to have your presence in the digital media space, but it is also necessary to make the best use of the same. Hence the concept of videos or rich media solutions comes into existence. To more precisely confirm, rich media solutions is the way and hence it is essential that every business organization knows the nuances of video operations.

As we talk about how important are video operations, it can be justly mentioned that “Rich Media Solutions or Video Operations” is one of the core functionalities of Dell’s eBiz Services. When we refer to rich media solutions or video operations, it is more than video creation. Video Operations embraces various aspects such as video cataloguing, video uploading, video inventory, video content management, video sub – titling in various languages, video referencing etc. In short, at Dell we provide a complete end to end remedy called Video Lifecycle Management.

This practice of complete Video Lifecycle Management helps to maintain an inventory of videos with different categories and this inventory can be updated on a regular basis. For simple stalking purpose, video operations are catalogued into Product and Non Product pages. This helps to have a track that none of the videos are repeated or duplicated or forged. Besides all this, the videos are also monitored for the global quality standards of digital media.

With the advancement of technology, the latest trend is to have the business message about any product or service as video. Any visual explanation is of great appeal to the customers. Hence videos become the integral part of any new business. A complete feast of video services is delivered as an end to end solution at Dell.