The Great Power of Media

The Great Power of Media

The Great Power of Media

Our civic books have reflected Media as the fourth pillar of democracy, according to the Indian constitution, whereby thrusting a huge responsibility for the Great Power of Media. Hailing from Pre-Independent era till date, the media has undergone an evolution. The form, the style, the technology, etc., all have witnessed, leaps and bounds of transformation. Gone are the days, when people have to wait for almost 24 hours to have their newspaper in hand to get insight into the major bulletins. Today, the magic of technology has pervaded. The Great Power of Media can be relished with a few clicks.

In this comprehensive journey of media fruition and advancement, undoubtedly the number of media houses and their extensive mass reach have undergone a quantum jump. However, the credibility of the media and its content has miserably stooped to a very low. There are innumerable instances during the reporting of the news stories, where the journalists and media authorities have shown a laid back attitude towards the integrity of the accuracy of the information reported.

A record of such instances questions the great power of media on the audiences. For example, recently, when the then TamilNadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa was counting her last breath, without any prior communication from the respective Hospital Authorities, a Tamil news channel, declared the demise of her, in the early hours of the day without having any prior documentary proof of the death. The Hospital authorities vilified the news and issued the press release of the death only in the late hours to all the media houses. A few years back in 2013, a Kannada news channel, reported the falsely the demise of the famous Southern Actress Kanaka without any evidence.

There are hundreds of instances where newspapers tweak the images with tools like Photoshop as per the editorial policy of the news organization and to influence the public opinion. In many instances, even the live video gets edited as per the thoughts of the Editor-in-Chief. In 2014, Indian National media house, Doordarshan as well as the Times of India, published a news bulletin, “Modi had said “Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was like his daughter”. After which a war of words between the two was witnessed.

In the global arena, the famous CNN news channel is considered as House of Fake News. Recently we even heard Donald Trump to accuse the CNN news reporter with such remarks. Anderson Cooper, one of the American Journalist at CNN news channel, fakes Syria war footage by dubbing in sound effects and playing chaotic video next to a Syrian correspondent. The endless list of such unsubstantiated news stories is witnessed by the audience in the global as well regional field.

The freedom and the power, cannot be snatched away from the media houses. Having the said that, with great power comes greater responsibility. The contagious and dreadful race to break the news between the media houses and respective journalists, whether it is global, national or regional channels, has deteriorated the trust of the audience on the media houses. After all the evolutionary growth of the Media World, today we are the testimony of the downfall of the media houses.

In countries like India, media rules the brain of the audience. Anything conveyed by the media houses is absorbed blatantly, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. In countries like India, Media has a much wider and equal responsibility as the government, not just to communicate information, but also be instrumental in fighting the social evils and form public opinion.

A robust system and infrastructure is required to govern the activities of the media houses and channelize them in the right direction. A standard rule book of responsibilities and governance must be institutionalized by the independent and unbiased forums, without the interference of the political vendetta for all the media houses, irrespective of national and local.

Today, I sense the mood of uncertainty and distrust among the audience in any form of media. There is a sense of anger on the media houses and their work. No one believes the first news they hear, whether it is print media, broadcast media or social media. A sense of cross check in every possible way is needed.
With a background in Journalism, being skeptical about every word I write, has become my way of life. The time has come, when media houses, have to introspect, quit the race of breaking the news and bylines, and form a cohesive forum, to win back the trust of the audience. The day is not far, when the credibility and trust will be endangered species and the growth of media would be a TRP number game.

The Bumps, the Potholes, and much more…

‘I was there to protect you, when speed thrilled you’, utters the inner silent voice of a speed breaker. ‘I was malnourished in my formative stages, so it’s not my mistake, the potholes of the India Road roar tearfully.

The Indian Roads have always been under the scanner of the public. The government of India relentlessly puts forth an erroneous strategy of road development of the roads and ends up having dissatisfied and unhappy citizens. The Indian roads, filled with bumps and potholes disrupting the smooth travel experience for the commuters are the most cursed aspect of Indian civic society. Rupturing the civic society, the tale of Indian Roads is far beyond the bumps and the potholes.

Many Economists state that a flawless infrastructure development strategy of Roads of a country is a mark of a country’s progressive economic development. The construction and renovation scene of the roads have demonstrated that it can be a major development activity and in short a definite road to economic success as well. Indian stands tall in having the guidance of renowned Economists of the World such as Amartya Sen, Manmohan Singh, Raghuram Rajan, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, and the endless list goes on. Unfortunately, somewhere we have failed to use the expertise of these Economists, who have distinguished knowledge to build a constructive strategy of Road Development.

Views of Aam Aadmi

While was doing some research about Indian Roads and its development, a question which popped suddenly was, ‘Why do we need Roads?’ I asked few adults, who instantly replied with a stint of sarcastic smile and look, ‘I wish to have a smooth travel experience on the road. Bad road instigate road rage’. I felt, ‘That’s all’. Some time later, I asked a small child the same question. Just curious to know what roads meant for children. The eight-year-old child with a contagious laugh stated, ‘I can play happily and my mother will have no worry, whether I have fallen into any pit’. Another chap said, ‘I love to play on the streets. These potholes, bumps, traffic and unhygienic space are the blocks of my playing time. My parents don’t allow me to play on the streets because of these badly structured roads. Hence, I am forced to be indoors’.

A lot of fascinating thoughts and stories, buried behind the road development, which is usually strategic civic areas of goal development. The true story of good roads is far beyond the economic and infrastructure growth. True that the insanity of the Indian roads have ruptured this real story of civic system.
A beautifully laid broad and clean road, nourished with perfect lighting and greenery is the colorful and serene dream of the Young Guns of India. A smooth road is every runner’s and biker’s dream. Such roads are not just dream for the adults to have a smooth travel experience, but also the young children, who wish to have a safe and secured open to space to widen the horizons of talent and creativity. A gentle fresh air, a small walk on a smooth road, can imbibe great positive energy and fills in the enthusiasm of the path breakers and road runners. A change in the prescript of thought pills of the Indian government’s purpose of road development goals is the need of the hour.

Far Away from their Roots

Is their life Glossy or Gloomy?

A phone call which uncovered a deep wound, filled with blood stains of heart-wrenching emotions, pertaining to thousands like her. ‘A dreamy, fantasy filled, glossy life is what they believe, I live here in a foreign land’, utters with a wet eye, choking throat, with a subtle smile. Far away, little did they know, why and how, we are living a life, far away from our roots, in a foreign land, amidst the aliens? With a strange feeling and hundreds of unspoken words and emotions, the call ended abruptly, followed by text message of reconnecting, some time later. Alas! An Indian in Foreign Land.

The days passed by, but the conversation lingered in my mind. There has been millions of instances, while I have questioned those who have left the country for their future and have cribbed about the same. I have always wondered what their thought process would be, once they step into the foreign land and how their mindset changes with time and experience of the new comforts. I have questioned myself, do they prioritize their future over the warmth of relationships of their homeland? Why do people move out with a promise to return in some time, settle in a foreign land? Don’t they miss their loved ones and the air of their motherland? The conversation rekindled several questions which prompted me to pen this on my blog.

There are thousands of beautiful scenic pictures of their life, which are painted with myriads of colors, with perfect glitters. We visualize them, leading a life of Alice in Wonderland in real sense. Unfortunately, we have ignored the brutal and pathetic daily scenarios, which they have to go through in their everyday life. Racism, Disrespect of hailing from the third world country, pigeonholing attitude, discourteous nonverbal communications, identity humiliation, etc. are some of the very few problems, amidst the hundreds of others, faced by the younger generation in a foreign land.

Qualitative higher education, an enormous high paying job opportunities as per the educational qualification and the dream to lead a comfortable life without any regrets, are the fertile seeds which are sown once stepped into that land. Yet, there is something more to this. A constant social pressure in their homeland, to have a structured life plan, is a huge reason of concern.

There are hundreds of people, who want to leave back the luxurious life and wish to come back to their home and lead a happy life with their near and dear ones. But these social stigmas and societal pressure of getting married, giving birth to a kid, having a bank balance, possessing a house of their own, and what not. Yes. Today these are the main causes, why people want to leave the roots or do not want to get back to their roots. These are the reasons, why so many people feel comfortable in handling the abuse in the foreign land and not the agonizing mentally disturbing societal pressures of our society.

A huge price of loneliness during the good and bad times, the colorful, fun-filled festivals, friendships, home cooked food, etc., is what they pay for being away from their roots, just to escape the brutal allegations of the beautiful uncles and aunties of the society. Their life has turned into a tale of hide and seek amidst the two lands. The journey which started with adjustment, learning the accent and adapting to the new culture and environment, has now been filled with awkwardness and anxiousness of being accepted and not treated as alien in a foreign land. The roller coaster ride of adapting, adjusting and acclimatizing.

From the bottom of my heart, I empathize with the emotions and problems of those souls, who are stranded in an unknown world. However, I wonder the other way. If all of us quit, move to a foreign land, who is going to clean the dirt of the homeland? If your roots are not steady, who will sow fertile seeds, to reap a better society? Yes! Very true! All of us have one life and we do not wish to lead it fighting all the way. Nevertheless, what are we showing our children? What are we leaving behind for the next generation? A society filled with ancient uncleaned thoughts. How will the societal problems of this country change, if the young blood doesn’t take up the responsibility of solving the same? Time to take U-turn. Think and Turn.

Being Blind… What are you blinded by?

Being Blind… What are you blinded by?

A group of people knotted to each other for being blind. A small stick of its own kind assures the presence of their group and the conformity of the path. A regular scene experienced while crossing the roads near my house, questioned the inner inquisitive mind. An unparalleled conversation with those blinded people, who are suffering for no fault of theirs. A result of birth, accident, sexual harassment, etc., were some of their reasons of blindness. However, their vision of the inner self is far beyond the challenges of biological defect.

Ignorance, neglect, fear, helplessness, distrust, uncertainty, weakness, etc., were some of the emotions common to all of them. Having said that, they were all happy and peaceful in their own world, sharing their emotions and showing a ray of hope in life to each other. An hour of dialogue which was filled with love, passion and confidence. No emotion of self-pity was felt.

A conversation which concluded with a striking message from one of the survivors in the room, ‘Yes, it is true that we are blind and we have our own problems. But, the truth is, people who are bestowed with vision, are blinded in real sense. They are blinded by self-pride, jealousy, hate, anger, social stigmas etc. It is better to be blind than to have sight to witness the atrocities of the world. We are in a happy and peaceful world. It is time to this what you are blinded by’.

Today, the 4th of January is celebrated globally as World Braille Day. A day to commemorate Louise Braille, the creator of Braille, a means of communication for people who are blind. Louis Braille was born in France on January 4, 1809. Louis Braille developed the 6-dot fingertip reading system known as Braille. It is not a language, but rather a code that can be translated into many languages. A reading and writing system used by millions of blind and partially sighted people all over the globe.

World Braille Day provides an opportunity for teachers, charities and non-government organizations to raise awareness about issues facing the blind and the importance of continuing to produce works in Braille, providing the blind with access to the same reading and learning opportunities as the sighted.

My writings are a source to create awareness and tickle the consciousness of the readers, by providing adequate factual information. On this World Braille Day, where on one side, I pledge to aid the blinded souls in ways possible, on the other side, I urge my audience to answer for themselves, ‘Are you blind? If yes, what are you blinded by?’

Who says resolutions and goals don’t work after the first week of the New Year?

Who says resolutions and goals don’t work after the first week of the New Year?

A few years back, when Facebook was a new member of our social life, many people posted stating, No Resolutions, No Goals; Resolutions and Goals blind’s the realities of life; ‘Resolutions are tools of placebo effect’ etc. I was uncertain about those statements. To start the year, reading such messages, undoubtedly gulps a negative attitude into the readers. That’s when I decided to prove the same to myself, drafted and implemented SMART goals and resolutions. Now I ask all my readers, who says resolutions and goals don’t work after the first week of the New Year?

A New Year is like writing a new chapter of your life with your own hands. It is an opportunity given by the universe to fill vibrant colors to one’s dreams and achieve the goals of life. A New Year is like an eraser, which helps to erase our old mistakes, start fresh and write our life again. It is a healthy way to introspect our personal and professional life, and attain a sense of satisfaction.

For me, a new year is a ladder, aiding in getting one step closer to my reveries. As I step into a new and fresh year, I strive to paint my life with the mirage of fascinations, with a clear and positive mind space. This is not just for the first day or first week, I have chronicled a plan to keep up the energy levels consistently up.
2017 is going to be a year of writing, more writing and more writing. Business writings, personal blogging, carving a short story, poems, etc., is what will be served to my beloved readers. To scale up my freelance projects, along with learning new areas of technology is in pursuit of my career in 2017. Approximately three blogs per week along with lots of interaction with my audience, is the strategy to hit the bulls-eye.

A Warm New Year with a New Outlook towards life, I am going to make 2017 a year to be reminisced for myself, my business clients and cherished readers of my blog. Looking forward to a Happy, Healthy and Honored 2017 for all of us.

All the Best!!

A Thank You Note to My Readers

Thank YOU Readers
Thank YOU Readers

A Flash Back into the Year 2016

A flash back into the year of 2016 reveals a life of potpourri of extreme of emotions. The first half of the year was filled with mundane routine, juggling between personal and professional errands. After a lot of efforts of impulsive outbursts of giving up and compromising moments, abandoning the ambience of uncomfortableness and crushing of the pulse of creativity, I quit my job. Post the decision, life blessed me with an energizing vacation to Leh-Ladak.

The second half of the year, fused the stay at home syndrome, accompanied by persistent efforts to get a new job as per my criteria. However, life threw unexpected scenarios, powered by an emotionally draining experience of rejection. I reached the tipping point of explosion, and choose to end the traumatic process of earning a sustainable job. I determined to set up my own working freelance set up and make a living, with the subject knowledge and honed professional skills.

With extortionate fear and anxiety about the life of the freelancer, writeathon was the first step towards the uncertain path. Of all the months, November 2016 was the important and challenging month. The completion of the 30 day Writeathon (continuous blogging everyday) without any interruption was the remarkable achievement as a freelance writer. It was undoubtedly the greatest reinforcement to myself about the thought of the possibility of achieving a living and gaining a job satisfaction in the freelancing career.

A Thank You Note to My Readers

If you follow my blog and don’t usually get time to read my posts, today is an exception. This blog is dedicated to every single reader who makes time from the busy schedule and takes efforts to read my pieces of writing. The best part of my journey is the secrecy of my target audience. The audience is spread across the borders, different cultures and habitats. It is surreal to sense, that my words are read globally.

Each time when I sit down to write, the prima facie challenge is to make the topic more valuable and engaging for my readers. Beyond the fascinations, it is a responsibility that I do not write anything that would hurt the reader’s sentiments and emotions. Each time I write, I want to make sure the readers are happy with their decision to spend their prized time in my space.

I am eternally grateful to my audience who are my biggest source of inspiration for my writings. I am indebted to them for being my strength through my overly exhaustive dark days. Your presence in my life as a writer, reinforces my dream of establishing a fruitful career in writing. You as readers are the fuel to the fire that constantly burns within me.

Just one like, comment, share or any other gesture of feedback and criticism means the world to me. It encourages me to deliver content that makes a difference in your life and the world that we live it. As a writer always crave for your opinion. I am so grateful to every person who takes efforts to share a straight forward opinion about my writings without any bias.

I am greatly honored whenever you stop by my universe. Request you all to continue your positive support towards my work, showing a ray of hope in my life.

With Love and Regards,
Ila Asthana

Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days

Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days
Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days

Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days

Off late, I refrain from early morning social media chats, whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., so that I do not ruin the first few fresh hours of the day. Today, it was different though. With the obligation to attend a call, I grasped that my mobile was overflowing with mammoth of messages. Most of the messages were about the Cyclone Vardah hitting the coastal areas of TamilNadu, the precautionary steps in case of flooding and a warning to stay safe and secured. In just a split of seconds, those messages recapped the colossal impact of the dreadful and devastating December month of 2015, experienced by TamilNadu.

Chennai and few other parts of TamilNadu witnessed the highest recorded rainfall. The rainfall turned into the most devastating horrific floods, in the history of TamilNadu. The monstrous flood left Chennai, the India’s fourth largest city, to a standstill, eating the lives of the hundreds of people and leaving thousands marooned unaided. The city suffered a power cut for more than four days consecutively, with zero access to basic amenities such as water, food, shelter, etc. The breakage of telephone lines and mobile and internet connections, due to the weather calamities disabled the communication the near and dear ones. A heart wrenching, haunting and miserable air of demolition, relentlessly flew in the city for weeks.

I have personally never seen any such natural calamity in the twenty seven years of life spent in the city. Living a life on the other side of the border, I was furious at the nature, fuming at myself, for not being present with my loved ones and do the needful. With constant on negative news feeds on the social media platforms, enhanced the wrath and helplessness, ruining the rationalism of the mind. Then, suddenly a group of four strangers from Bangalore joined hands to help the people of TamilNadu in every way possible. Without any second thoughts, I decided to join the group and do whatever was possible from my end.

A total of eight volunteers, from different corners of Bengaluru, joined hands and decided to collect the necessary immediate disaster relief materials such as clothes, water, packaged food, bed sheets, mats etc., from their respective location and assemble it in one common place. Later, that was collected and assimilated in one common junction, as per the size of the goods and transported to the TamilNadu state. The team was clear that monetary donations would be transferred to online bank accounts which would be further used for the procurement of the relief materials and transportation purpose.

The procuring of the commodities from the donor community and the apprehensive predisposition of the public towards transporting the disaster relief materials through cars, was a major setback in the initial stage. The plan had to be implemented immediately without any further delay. However, some wanted to the commodities to be hand-picked at their doors and a few were doubtful about the execution of the initiative to reach the needy. Juggling between the tasks of coordinating, collecting, organizing, packaging and transporting the relief materials, I felt thankful to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., to embrace our life.

To my surprise, in no time, the Bengalurueans put their best put foot forward in every way possible. Families, basic amenities shop owners, schools, colleges, corporate organizations, etc., all did their part, with the sheer thought of backing, those beached across the borders. With just one night, the house was overflowing with goods, with little place left to cross between the rooms.

There were two instances when I humbly admired the people of the city. One, when we received a truck load of goods, from the security guards of a corporate organization giving up on their day’s meal. Second, when I received a call from a person originally hailing from India, but settled in a foreign land, wanted to contribute in some way or the other. Professionally, being a doctor, he advised to distribute the basic medical kits, so that no water borne disease plagues the city. Even though we were a group of strangers and not attached to any NGO organizations, the gargantuan response to the activity strengthened our motives.

I was personally shattered to see my homeland and my folks to suffer. Later, I realized, the distance from the homeland, has enabled me to support the city in its hard times. Respect the Mother Nature is the valuable lesson learnt. Because, once Mother Nature retaliates, no precautionary or relief measure can do anything. A year after the devastating floods, people of TamilNadu may have picked up themselves and moved on. Yet, the current Cyclone Vardah, undeniably gives a hormonal gush of fear and anxiety to the nerves connected to the memories of the disaster.

Forgiving – A Rare Virtue

Forgiving – A Rare Virtue
Forgiving – A Rare Virtue

Forgiving – A Rare Virtue

Few days back, I saw two small children hitting and fighting with each other. They did everything possible to satisfy their anger. The most amusing part was pulling each other’s hair. Seeing them fight, my childhood scenes were refreshed. The unceasing physical and verbal fights with my sister and endless patch ups were a regular scene in our house. Coming back to the present fight of these children, it seemed like a never ending battle. Then the divine angel, in the form of the mother came, gave one tight slap to both and all the fights came to a standstill. Both of them were instructed to say sorry and settle the quarrels with each other immediately. Our childhood is filled with such instances. The seeds of forgiving were sown then, in all of us. Don’t know why, forgiving still remains to be a rare virtue.

We all have been travelling on this journey of forgiving, since our childhood. Yet, we always struggle to forgive our loved ones. Do you know why? Even though the seed of forgiving, has been sowed since the formative years, our mind is not fed with the appropriate logical reasoning behind it. The rationalism of forgiving is never divulged in children.

There is a reason why forgiving is considered to be a virtue of an individual’s personality. There is a purpose, why we should forgive our loved ones. It is very essential to communicate the importance of forgiving our emotions and people associated with the same. It is vital to inculcate what wonders forgiving can create in our life. A lot is said and debated about forgiving and steps to forgive. However the logical thought process of forgiveness is never addressed.

Holding a grudge against anybody or oneself for the whole life is unhealthy for the body. Forgiving is not just about forgetting and moving on. It is not about overlooking the infidelity and start fresh overnight. It is all about achieving the freedom from the grip of pain caused by our loved ones. It is about recognizing the causes of the wound and tackling the roots of the pain. Letting go the resentment will only make oneself feel clearer and positive. It makes the personality stronger and enriches to handle the challenges of the life in an optimistic manner. It is easy said than done. But it is not impossible.

True forgiving is a slow internal grooming process, completely independent of the actions of the others. A cautious and conscious mental effort to encounter the emotions such as anger, hate, betrayal, wound, etc., will lead into the life of forgiveness. One of the important phases of forgiveness is in understanding, how the pain and betrayal affected you.

Anger can still exist where there is forgiveness, just as joy can exist simultaneously with grief. Pain isn’t an isolated experience or emotion. When we are hurt, it affects all aspects of ourselves and our relationships. It is okay to feel the emotion without giving it control. In this journey, it is important to have compassion towards yourself. Forgiveness is more than releasing your hands from the neck of the person who hurt you. It is about releasing your hands from your own neck. In short, forgiving others will give immense pleasure of happiness and peace along with stability of the emotions for oneself.

From our birth to death, forgiving is the most important human virtue. Facing, forgiving and freeing the bondage’s of the emotions, is prerequisite to lead a serene life. The method of inculcating moral values with appropriate reasoning in children is a must. Such values with perfect rationalism will last forever in one’s life. As parents, it is substantial to sow accurate seeds of forgiving, nurturing with proper fertilizer of logical reasons. Such seeds would reap sweetest fruits in life. Forgive & Stay Healthy.

What are they – gifts or dowry?

What are they – gifts or dowry?
What are they – gifts or dowry?

What are they – gifts or dowry?

‘What are you giving her for the wedding? What are you giving your son in law for the wedding? What will my daughter in law, be getting from her lovely parents on her big day? What are we getting for your daughters special day? The gift given to her in laws must be very costly and exceptional, so that she leads a peaceful life. Do not forget to buy presents for all the extended family members of the groom’s side, so that they welcome and accept your daughter from the bottom of their heart. Are you planning to bring your son in law home in the already existing car or going to buy a new one for him? Have you already bought a house in her name, in future god forbid, if something happens, both your daughter and son in law must have a shelter to stay. Do not cross question the groom’s parents or any other family members. If not, they will keep taunting your daughter for the rest of the life’.

A thousand more interrogations and myriads of caveats, strikes the bride’s parents like a thunder before the storm. It is imperative to read between those lines. It is important to comprehend the intentions, behind these highly persuasive simple statements, made with a fake gesture of concern and big smile. Do you think, they are another set of gifts, given as a token of expression of love and happiness? If you are assuming so, then you are in an imaginary world.

Even today, nobody questions regarding the educational qualification, professional domain or the character of the groom. Nobody questions the salary that the groom earns. The savings that he has in his bank. Is he independent or surviving on the fruits of the parents? Does the outlook to life of both the bride and groom, find a middle ground? Is groom’s background verification done? No. No such actions are taken to safeguard the life of the bride. The bitter truth is, that, these social statements are meekly yet polished style of asking and giving dowry in a wedding.

The undeniable fact is that, dowry in India is like the philosophy of barter system, deeply rooted in our blood, irrespective of caste and religion. Dowry is a silent and unwritten threat given to the bride’s parents as a prerequisite of the wedding. Dowry is an accepted clause of the wedding proposal. Not just in rural areas, but also, in the so called modern developed urban regions. The minute the priest fixes the so called auspicious date of the wedding, such questions are openly conversed without any hesitation. The well-educated groom, earning a lump sum amount of salary, witnesses such settings, without raising any questions and munching tasty snacks offered by the bride’s family.

As per the findings of the National Crime Records Bureau, there are approximately 8455 registered cases of dowry deaths in the country in 2014. There are 10050 cases registered under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. These are just numbers having zero impact on us, in our day to day life. Our blood doesn’t boil anymore. The practice of dowry has become very common in our society, that, it is no more fatal in the Indian society. It has been an accepted ritual of the wedding preparations, which no one really wants to sojourn the brutal practice. Actually, we have accepted as a part and parcel of the Indian society. We witness it without any condemnation. We feel that our small step cannot eradicate the undying virus of the society. We act ignorant to such settings and allow the practice of dowry to ruin our lives.

Humans are born with an innate capability to question and seek answers. Just that we do not use this innate capability at the right place and allow the wrong to happen. The bride’s parents can do whatever makes them happy. But they have to stop the discussion to seek the relationship, if any, statements and questions are challenged by the groom’s family. Today the statements will be addressed in the polished way. Tomorrow, after wedding, these questions will switch into blatant demands, bruising all the relationships, if unfulfilled. The groom must speak up, stopping all such brutal activities of his parents, and stop acting like a puppet. Above all, the bride has to step up with sheer confidence and deliberate intentions of showing a dowry free society.

The young guns of India have to come back from their assumed world and remain vigilant. Just like how one cell takes its due course to turn into a fully developed life, small baby steps are needed towards exterminating the dreadful virus of the society. The virus is brutal, massacring thousands of lives. Beyond education, the change of attitude, both in beliefs and action, is the mandatory vaccination to cure this disease. If not addressed now, the upcoming generations are going to be the sure shot preys of this disease.

An Open Letter to the most respected Society

An Open Letter to the most respected Society
Gender Equality

An Open Letter to the most respected Society

Dear Society,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate and thank you for priming some of your fragments as per the evolution. I came into this world empty handed. I appreciate what I have received as the byproducts of the societal evolution, in the form of closely knitted parents, siblings, extended families, and beautiful friendships for a lifetime, of course with specific disclaimers in every stage of life.

In your society, men and women coexists. One is always dependent on the other. This is how the cycle of evolution leads generation after generation. This is nature’s phenomena, which even you as a society cannot eradicate. Having said that, gender discrimination between men and women, has been happily pirouetting and reigning the society from time immemorial. Discrimination of sexes, not just who will rule the land or who will lay down rules for any organizations of the society, but also in the daily life, pigeonholing the women gender to be the weaker sex.

Many would think and assume that such philosophies don’t endure any more. The reality check is here. The truth is, it still pertains within our societal system. The bitter verity is gender discrimination still exists, just that, its form has altered. During the olden times, you as a society questioned and obstructed the women to even step out of the four walls of the house.

Times have changed. As I already mentioned, some fragments of the society, do appreciate and encourage women, when she reveries about moon and star. Conversely, even today, a large section of the society, engraves a fence in every step of her life, blocking her from dreaming a life of her own choices and dreams, irrespective of whether it is a personal or professional life.

The most biased tenet of the society is forcing the women to quit her well established career and move around, wherever the men’s professional life gets established. Most of the times, society forces the women in a marriage, to take a cessation in her professional career. Men are always given the liberty to take decisions on their own and lead a life on their terms and conditions.

Relationships are successful and comforting only when they are mutually exclusive. Today, when a woman goes through the gestation phase, which is in reality a new life, not just for the mother, but also the father. However, only the mother is questioned about the future of her professional life. In most of the scenarios, the professional life of a woman has been always at stake.

If she chooses to be a stay at home mother or if she chooses to get back to her professional life, immediately after her maternity break, she is always thrown into the well of societal pressures and abusive judgements, making her feel guilty about her decisions. Today, the mother is deluged with hundreds of questions, which in reality, must be answered, mutually by both the parents together. All this doesn’t happen in any corner of the world. Forlornly, occurs in the so called high society, within our families, where women are still, the prey to such societal bondage.

Women face millions of scenarios occur in the day to day life, at times, have to face it, with no support of the partner, family or any other peer group. I might sound pessimistic and unappreciative, towards the freedom that women of this generation are getting, when compared to yesteryears. Having said that, it is unfortunate that women have to face myriads of challenges of the society, to lead her life on her terms and conditions. Is gender discrimination a precious jewel of the society? Shouldn’t both the gender be allowed to lead their life as per their wishes? Shouldn’t we as a society, act as the best support system for their dreams? Shouldn’t gender discrimination be rooted out, because no matter what, both the gender has to coexist? Shouldn’t we groom both the gender to respect the ideas, wishes and outlook on life? Why should one gender compromise for the other? Shouldn’t both the genders, find the middle ground of mutual happiness?

A heartfelt admiration and salute to all the folks of the society, who are striving hard to find the middle path, so that both the gender can hold each other’s hand and walk together happily and contently in life. To the others, request you to respect the wishes, dreams, choices, ideologies, principles, etc., without any gender discrimination. Whether it a choice of profession or choice of partner, let the individuals own their decisions.

May you always support and respect their decisions. May the society turn to be the best support system to achieve their purpose of the life, whether it is dreaming to go to the moon, to remain to be a stay at home father or mother, or even the smallest wish to lead a peaceful life. Request you, not to pass any penchant remarks, not before standing yourself in their shoes.

With lots of Love and Respect to the Society,

An active participant of the Society.