You Are the Daughter We Always Wished For…

‘You are the daughter we always wished for’, said the ever-smiling in-laws to the bride. And, my mind laughed with ridicule, ‘Huh! The same old cliché dialogue of the society. Alas! Nothing has changed over the years’. Isn’t this a typical scenario in most of the Indian weddings where the words and actions contradict themselves? […]

And This is What I am Proud Of…

  Sometimes working from home and working solo, handling personal and professional commitments can be quite overwhelming. Today was one such day. The multiple deliveries of projects, online mentoring and reviewing of students, hundreds of mundane household chores, and above all my never-ending pursuit to hit the gym. Oh, My God, today was one among […]

Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days

Cyclone Vardah – Revives the Colossal Impact of those Dreadful Days Off late, I refrain from early morning social media chats, whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., so that I do not ruin the first few fresh hours of the day. Today, it was different though. With the obligation to attend a call, I grasped […]

The Battle of the Quotients

The Battle of the Quotients The astounding scientific explorations and inventions transmuting into cutting-edge technologies, to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle by the mankind, is worthy of all the appreciation of the world. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the human race, certainly needs a big round of applause. While we brag about the achievements, […]