When Your Perspective Changes, Happiness Puts On Different Clothes

  2018 – A year filled with lots of celebrations. Whether it was birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, celebrations were in full swing. Oh! Not to forget those unbeatable vacation time with my partner in crime. Yet, somewhere, I personally wasn’t happy or satisfied with how 2018 treated me. Health was constantly in an angry and grumpy […]

You Are the Daughter We Always Wished For…

‘You are the daughter we always wished for’, said the ever-smiling in-laws to the bride. And, my mind laughed with ridicule, ‘Huh! The same old cliché dialogue of the society. Alas! Nothing has changed over the years’. Isn’t this a typical scenario in most of the Indian weddings where the words and actions contradict themselves? […]

Is there a thread that connects Age and Maturity?

‘When he becomes older, he will act maturely’, ‘She behaves in a childish way. Hope she is matured enough to handle life’, ‘At this age, you are supposed to handle your life in a matured way’. Yes! We have all grown up listening to these clichéd conversations. Personally, I have experienced many people using such […]

The Irreplaceable Ingredient of a Relationship

The Irreplaceable Ingredient of Relationships In the past decade, I personally witnessed the changing social dynamics of relationships. Thanks to the technological encroachment for infusing sweetness and bitterness in relationships. We are able to relish the joy of connecting with our loved ones in no time. It is a fact, that we are more privileged […]

You will have to call someone after reading this…

You will have to call someone after reading this… I am a 1980’s child, where writing letters were a way of communicating with our loved ones and getting in touch with them. My mother consciously used to write letters to our relatives and family friends, at least once in a month. I loved my part […]