The Great Power of Media

The Great Power of Media Our civic books have reflected Media as the fourth pillar of democracy, according to the Indian constitution, whereby thrusting a huge responsibility for the Great Power of Media. Hailing from Pre-Independent era till date, the media has undergone an evolution. The form, the style, the technology, etc., all have witnessed, […]

You will have to call someone after reading this…

You will have to call someone after reading this… I am a 1980’s child, where writing letters were a way of communicating with our loved ones and getting in touch with them. My mother consciously used to write letters to our relatives and family friends, at least once in a month. I loved my part […]

Are You Jealous? If yes, then you are on the right path…

Are You Jealous? If yes, then you are on the right path… The roller coaster ride of pursuing a new job has been a bumpy road accompanied by countless emotions. The journey of finding one’s own path is never easy. Hilariously rejections have become an integral part of my life. Fortunately or unfortunately, once in […]

The Repercussions of Voicing Oneself

The Repercussions of Voicing Oneself Waking up with a mammoth of WhatsApp group conversations and images of silent protest propaganda as a gesture of disapproval against the thoughts of the Newsmaker, provokes me to dig deep into the intentions behind those words. Yes, I am referring to the statements of the Bollywood actor “Aamir Khan”. […]

Master Chef Reality Check!!!

Looks like, reality shows are the bread and butter for any television channel. Knowingly or unknowingly, fortunately or unfortunately, the most gala fashioned and hyped television programs giving more TRP for the television channels are the reality shows. One such programme is “Master Chef”, conducted by different countries. As a food maniac, I am a […]

Half Girl Friend – Is it a Novel or a Movie Script?

Half Girl Friend – Is it a Novel or a Movie Script? Half Girl Friend, the most talked novel of recent times, is authored by the famous and inspiring Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. While many modern bookworms criticize him for his style of simple, straight English and giving the desi touch with local slangs of […]

“Intercultural” Marriage – The Curious Case of “Life”

India is a “secular” country, with many religions, cultures, races, and ethnicity living together under one roof. And the one common thing among all of them is the “Concept of Marriage”. The glimpse of history reveals the true colors of “secularism”. Since the time of Independence, our country was always covered with bloodshed, not just […]

Know Your Body – “Prevention is better than Cure”

When people think about sexual health, they mostly assume sexual health is about sexually transmitted infections or sexual dysfunction. While they are important, there’s more to it than that. Sexual health is about three things – safety, pleasure and respect. Sexuality is an integral part of being human. Love, affection, and sexual intimacy contribute to […]