PINK – A Social Awakening Movement

‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement Till three years back, I was suffering from ‘Theatrophobia- Fear of theatres’. Thanks to my treasured friends for helping me, to overcome the same. The output is the intermittent visits to the movie theatres with my loved ones. One such visit to cinema hall was for the movie PINK. […]

Master Chef Reality Check!!!

Looks like, reality shows are the bread and butter for any television channel. Knowingly or unknowingly, fortunately or unfortunately, the most gala fashioned and hyped television programs giving more TRP for the television channels are the reality shows. One such programme is “Master Chef”, conducted by different countries. As a food maniac, I am a […]

Half Girl Friend – Is it a Novel or a Movie Script?

Half Girl Friend – Is it a Novel or a Movie Script? Half Girl Friend, the most talked novel of recent times, is authored by the famous and inspiring Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. While many modern bookworms criticize him for his style of simple, straight English and giving the desi touch with local slangs of […]