The Magic Masala of Life

Do you know what magic that the hundreds of masala powder (any powder) add to a dish? It adds fragrance, flavor, and finesse to a food. It gives a shape and sense to a dish. A normal home comfort food becomes a fine dining experience in itself. That’s the power of masala in a food. […]

The Battle of the Quotients

The Battle of the Quotients The astounding scientific explorations and inventions transmuting into cutting-edge technologies, to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle by the mankind, is worthy of all the appreciation of the world. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the human race, certainly needs a big round of applause. While we brag about the achievements, […]

Schools, Education, Gender and much more…

Schools, Education, Gender and much more… I have this, the unconsciously creepy habit of eves dropping. At times, this is what seeds story ideas. Consequently, I overheard a conversation of three mothers. They were debating about the type of schools that they wished to get admission for their children who had completed their primary education. […]

Paisa Vs Passion

Paisa Vs Passion ‘Follow your passion’. ‘Follow your dreams’. Those are the classic dialogues, which we have heard since our school days. Ten years have gone by, since I completed my schooling. With an aversion for science subjects, I ended up pursuing journalism in college, yet completely unaware about what, where and how my professional […]

What’s with Patriotism?

What’s with Patriotism? The violent Uri Attack by the Pakistan Army on September 18th, 2016 and the counter surgical strikes by the Indian Army have worsened the cross border relationship between the countries. Certainly, neighboring countries are taking the utmost advantage of it. Surprisingly, even the internal political threads also doing the same. Nevertheless, the […]

Glory to My Gurus

Muddled in the thoughts of life, career, family, relationships, etc., abruptly, it strikes me that, it’s been a while, that I went for a nice long walk alone. Plugging the headphones, I push myself out of the house to get some fresh air and rejuvenate myself with some positivity. As I keep walking, I see […]