Are you a busy bee of the corporate world?

Tick-tick, tick-tock, it’s 9.00 AM. A mob of robots in the form of human enters the campus of tall silver and grey colored buildings. Tick-tick, it is 6.00 PM, the same crowd comes out. An everyday scene during my life in the corporate world. I was also one among these robots, who could not survive […]

An open letter to tackling corruption

Writing a guest post on this fantastic blog. The recent announcement by PM Modi, focusin on tacking corruption through taxation and demonitization of 1000 and 500 rupee notes have caused quite a lot of people to voice their opinions. I thought to reply to one such that I stumbled across: A middle class mans honest open […]

Those Deceptive Dialogues

“We will let you know” “We will call you back if required for further procedures” “It would take some time for us to process your application. We will get back to you once we are done”. Sub: FABRICATED STATEMENTS; MISLEADING HOPES Dear Human Resource Personnel, I have been struggling in the process of how to […]