Crying is the healthiest expression of love or hate irrespective of gender or place.

Tears - Waters of Growth
Tears – Waters to Growth

‘So many are looking at you, don’t cry’.

‘Why are you crying like a girl?’

‘Don’t cry. Nothing will change just because you are crying’.

And many more…

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have heard, embraced, stated as well as confronted such statements. In my 31 years of life, I don’t know how many times I have cried. I have cried in private, in front of my family, public places, school, college, in an office environment, in front of my colleagues, friends, and whatnot. Yes! I am a cry baby. I am that person who is always tagged, ‘senti’ and ‘emotional fool’. But I always feel, crying is completely fine and healthy, for a newborn is always certified alive and healthy with his or her first cry. Crying is more than just shedding tears. It is the healthiest and harmless expression of any emotion irrespective of gender or place.

Once, I had a major breakdown in the workspace due to some conversation with my colleague. The emotional collapse was more of a frustration of inability to respond. As my tears touched my cheeks, one of my friends uttered, ‘Don’t cry. Everyone is looking at you. You don’t need to show yourself weak in this place’. For a second, I felt maybe I am projecting my vulnerability, so I swiftly, wiped my tears, freshened up and got back to my work. Yet I was still crying inside, controlling my tears.

In another instance, I had allowed a schoolboy (approximately 12 years) to cry his heart out to me when he sat next to me on the bus. He had just needed an ear to listen to. His heart was overflowing with emotions. It was burst of the negative and depressive energy that was oozing out through his tears. However, he just smiled his heart out once he was done crying and stepped down with hope in his eyes. All I did was with him at that moment.

Marriage is considered so auspicious and welcoming, yet we all cry, feeling happy, looking at the couple and their family members. When a new life arrives, what we feel is beyond words. So, there are millions of positive and negative instances when we CRY. Yet, we want to wire our emotions and expressions as per the place, time and gender. We teach our boys not to cry and tell them it is not MAN enough to cry.

Crying is Strength

Science has time and again proved that crying is a simple case of release of energy. It helps to feel empathetic and more connected to the people around them. It helps the body to feel better and overcome any loss in life in a better fashion. Confronting with your emotions and crying can help you deal with the challenges of life in a more constructive way. It is the best way of stress management. Often considered unprofessional and unlikable, but crying is definitely a far better expression than raising voices, slamming doors, use of abusive language, or any other kind of physical and verbal abuse, irrespective of whether it is personal or professional space.

Hell, with the world! Go ahead and CRY, if you have buried a million baggage’s deep inside your heart. It’s Okay, cry… You don’t need someone to solve your problems. You just need a person to listen to you. A person who is all ears. And, once you are done crying, take pride in it, because you know, what you are doing is the utmost healthiest way of healing and grooming yourself. And, next time, someone cries or is about to cry, never say, ‘Don’t cry. Everything is going to be fine’. Instead, tell them, ‘Cry it out. You will feel better’.

After reading this, I wish and pray, you gain courage and hope to overcome your barrier, break the silence and transform them into tears of rejuvenation. I hope today, you find your listener to break your heart to. If you don’t, get a room and cry your heart out alone. You can be your best company for you. You just need one breakdown to rise back again. YOU CAN DO. NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.


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