Smile is the common antidote of confidence to solve your problems.

The security personnel, the housekeeping staff, and my house helper – all three have one thing in common. Yes! They always SMILE when they converse with me. Have I always smiled back? Maybe or maybe not. But they always smile, when they do. Irrespective of what’s running in their mind, irrespective of whether we reciprocate or not, they always SMILE. Definitely, they must be going through a hell of a life, yet they unconsciously or consciously believe that a smile is a curve that makes everything straight.

Smile – Be Happy

The smile is more than an expression. It’s not something that the face expresses. It is the state of mind. It is an amazing part of communication which is felt even if the person is not visible. It is a validation of their presence at that moment. It is the first step to build a relationship and the conviction of the thoughts. The smile is not the solution to the problems. But it is the antidote of confidence to face the challenges of life.  It builds trust with oneself as well as with the relationships in the world.

The positive power of a smile cannot be ignored. So, next time you face a challenge in life, just be thankful for what is happening in your life, and SMILE. It would instantly help you create a positive outlook towards the hurdles of life. And, your first reaction will determine, how you go ahead and cross the hurdle. It will help to face the challenges as an opportunity to learn something new and test your ability and wit. In short, SMILE will ensure the challenges are less daunting in reality.

When did you last smile? Do you even know how you look if you constantly frown? Keep aside what you are going through. Go to the mirror and SMILE. For you never know, that SMILE is all that you need as the energy booster. And, not just you, maybe, your SMILE is what people around you need, for what they are going through. So just SMILE at anyone and everyone you see today.

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