Mission Mangal – More than an Inspiring Bollywood Movie, this is a tribute and celebration of the Indian Women Scientists and their struggles.

Don’t Be a Copy – Make Your Own Mark

Ignore the scientific hiccups, and a little illogic, Mission Mangal is a tribute and celebration of the success of Mangalyaan Mission – Mission Over Mars (MOM), a landmark achievement for the Indian Space Research Organization. A Bollywood movie, without heart-touching dialogues and songs, is impossible. Having said that, this one dialogue, which Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan) tells her son Dilip Shinde (Rohan Joshi) touched my heart and would stay with me for quite some time.

‘Get Inspired from Everything & Everyone, but the Real Joy is in Being Original’

Be Unique – Be You

It’s so true that, if you really wish to get inspiration in life, it is everywhere around you. There are so many instances when the same idea comes to so many people to solve the problems in the market. But the approach to solving the problems makes the difference. You can just look into any top two competitors in the market of a specific industry. Their problems might be the same, but it’s their problem-solving methodologies are original, and that’s what separates them from other market players.

Your inspiration to solve problems can be inspired by anything and everything around you. If you are stuck anywhere, you just got to calm down, open your eyes and look around yourselves. Your ideas and solutions are around you. You just need to be in the right mindset and approach.

In my life, ideas usually pop up while I am in my daily workspace (kitchen). Cooking is a time when I talk to myself and focus on what’s running in my mind. Early morning, as I tackle the challenges of the kitchen, I simultaneously get ready to finish other professional commitments. I always strive to do the same job in a different fashion. For instance, in writing topics, that are usually written by all, I put my efforts to find different angles that are not touched. If it’s cooking, I try to tweak the recipes, make it my version, still retaining its authenticity.

As per my understanding and thoughts, inspiration and being original goes hand in hand. Once you read, listen and observe your surroundings, you definitely get inspired. But you don’t want to do, what others have already done. So, in this process, you begin thinking about the same problem from different perspectives and try to frame your own original idea. Transforming the challenges into opportunities is the path to being original. Be You. Your unique Ideas & Approach are what this world needs.

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