The way a child enjoys life is truly inspiring and a lesson for adults to learn.

Happy Children's Day
Every Child is Precious

Like any other child, even my childhood was filled with ups and downs. I had witnessed so many instances that no child should experience and certainly have scars for life. Yet, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my childhood is the sheer joy of playing on the streets. Guess, I was in first or second grade, that I started to play with the boys on the streets. Talking confidently, convincing them to take me in the team, and to be an active participant to decide which game would be played on that day – I was always there on the pitch. Even before reaching home, I was always excited to step out and play. Walking down the memory lane of childhood always lit up my face with a wide smile.

My childhood is very precious for me and I don’t want it ever to be changed. Every child is different, yet there are a few common characteristics amongst children. If you have a kid around, just observe and you will learn endless lessons of life. From my observation, here are a few things that every child can teach an adult, just by its actions:

  • Be Fearless: They fear nothing in life. They are open to rejection when you say no. They are fine being judged and respond to those judgments for their own reasons. They are the only honest souls of this earth.
  • Be Excited about Anything, Everything & Nothing: A child’s excitement levels are contagious. As simple as a meal, to stepping out to play in the park – a child can be excited about anything, everything, and nothing.
  • Love Unconditionally & Fearlessly: They are unbiased and love unconditionally. They don’t know if that person will leave his or her life the very next moment. They are fearless in spreading the love.
  • Laugh Your Heart Out: Huh. Nothing needs to be said. Learn to laugh like a child. All of us know and must try always to do that.
  • Never Be Sad for Too Long: Children are always ready to express their emotions. They are always happy and at the same time, they okay to cry. But if you observe, they are never sad for too long. Whether they get what they want or they don’t, they just move on from one emotion to another.
  • Your World is in Your Imagination: The imagination level of a child is unimaginable. The typical game, ‘Pretend & Play’ is such a beautiful example of how you can live your life to the fullest in your dreams and fantasies. They don’t constantly worry about reality. They are happy in their own imaginary world.

JUST PAUSE… The list is endless…

Happy Children's Day
Give Yourself – The Only Gift Your Child Wants

Hey! Just forget whatever you have read as of now.

Actually, for today, don’t treat yourself like an adult and treat your child like a child. Don’t expect them to in order of life. For one day, let’s not worry about anything, get down to their level, enter their world of imagination and sail with them. Let us hold their hands like a child, let us sleep on their lap, and let them tell us a story that would take us to the heavens of imagination.

Share your stories of childhood, about your silly and funny moments, your dreams, your fascinations, everything that you ever wanted your parents to talk to you. Forget all your commitments, and spend time with your child. Make small promises to ensure your child’s childhood is filled with moments that he or she can never forget. Simply, GIVE YOURSELF. That’s all your little one ever wants in life.

Time is precious and the memories that you are going to give today are the only thing that will last for life. As an individual, who doesn’t have a little one, I always try my best to live this day, by reconnecting with my niece, nephews, and all the little children that I am connected to, in my life. So, here is wishing all of you and every little one on this planet, a very happy and memorable Children’s Day.

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