The Lessons of Life that be must be taught in School

Like every child’s birthright, I was blessed to experience a remarkable school life. If you know me or just follow my blogs, I would have always emphasized, how my school life has influenced my personality and life in a concrete way. The role of my school teachers and friends can never be told enough. Life lessons learned during those formative years shape your personality and life philosophy. Having said that, I always feel, there are four lessons of life that schools must teach.

Life Lessons
Learning is for Life

Read along to know which are the four lessons that you got to learn during your school days. Life might teach you as you become an adult, but, learning them as early as possible, makes your approach to life more practical.

  1. Life is Learning & Learning is Life: As a parent or a teacher conversation with a child usually goes like this – ‘Finish your 12th with good grades, you would get a good college and then you don’t have to study after that. The child invests all his or her time and finally gets into reputed college thinking, life is settled, no more studies. In college, the scenes are different. The child is forced to study more and more because of the pressure to get into a reputed organization or to get high grades to go abroad for further education’. And like this, even after college, life is never settled and the learning process continues. The reality Is learning is a continuous process and doesn’t stop with good grades and high paying jobs. One must always be open to learning irrespective of how and where he or she is in life.
  2. Defining Success for One Self: I am an NCC cadet from school. I am a Gold medalist in the All Indian Rifle Shooting Competition. I have participated in various competitions. Most of the time lost and a very few times succeeded. Back in school days, I used to frown when I lost a match. Only during my college days, did I realize that, participating in these competitions itself a success for me. So, defining what’s success for oneself must be taught in school to have clarity of thoughts as well as great self-esteem. This impacts one’s attitude to approach problems and failures in life.
  3. Learning of Social Skills: More than the academic knowledge, I personally feel, my school life taught me social skills, respect, self-worth, and empathy. It helped me to look beyond, ‘I, Me & Myself’. I remember in school, I had friends, who pack lunch for me when I am unable to take it. In the present education system, where the schools focus on their reputations and parents focus on the child’s performance, the screen of social skills is disappeared. This is a must life lesson that needs to be taught to children in school life.
  4. It’s Okay to Fail: As I had already mentioned in my previous blog, failure is part of life. The more the better. One cannot relish success in life if he or she doesn’t experience failure. Give them Vitamin F and make them immune to failure in life. So, schools should not discriminate or demoralize any child that fails. The school always has a bigger responsibility to hold the child’s hands and support them at the right time.

With lots of struggles, failures, and fall-down in life, I have learned this. If I had learnt in school, my approach to problems would be totally different. Share your thoughts, what else life lessons we should teach children in school days.

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