Everything Changed as I Began to Change My Sleep Cycle

Sunrise - The First Rays of the Sun
The First Rays of the Sun

Yes! On most of the Sunday’s, I get up as early as 3.00 AM to go to my Temple for my weekly prayer. But, other than that, I don’t remember, when was the last time, that I witnessed the early morning sunrise on a weekday. It’s been more than a decade, that I get up only around 6.00 AM in the morning. Thanks to my husband, who is practicing ‘Early to Office, Early to Home’, because he is traumatized by the traffic on the road. Just like school children, the moment clock strikes 7.10 AM, he is out on the road with his laptop bag and lunch box. His early schedule has made me realize the joy of waking up early, taking me back to my school and college days.

Walking down the memory lane of the college NCC days brings me back to this particular schedule of my life. Getting up early morning around 3.00 AM, cooking and packing my meals, getting ready for my NCC classes, and catching the first bus from home, that would start at 4.30 AM and reach the college at 5.50 AM, ten minutes, before the fall-in time. Huh! What a life! A life that I would never trade it for anything in my life.

That was the phase, and now, when I get up much before the sunrise on a weekday. Seeing the sky turning from black to pink, to subtle blue, to bright blue and white along with the beauty of the rising star – the sun – is scintillating. With the winters in the place, the chillness of the winds along with the warmth of the early morning sunrays is best complemented with the book or a newspaper reading. Sometimes, I do yoga and enjoy the fresh air and the climate. While I am in a hurry to cook the morning and afternoon meals, I take 30 minutes and try to be close to nature and do my spiritual prayers before I start my conversation with anybody.

This change in my schedule in the past two weeks has brought immense changes in the mind and body. Not that all my ailments are cured. But there is a noticeable impact on mental health. The subtle change in the cycle of life has helped me to organize my day better, complete most of the work in the first of the day, regulate my sleep cycles, etc. It has also helped me to be cautious of my mood swings and ensure I manage my time wisely. I am able to offer qualitative and sufficient time for exercises, book reading, blog writing, etc., other than the usual chores of the house. In short, I look forward to the mornings and feel excited about the activities of the day.

We have always been taught, ‘Early to bed, early to rise’. But, the commitments in the professional front and its impact on personal lifestyles have changed our natural sleep and wake cycles. Busy fulfilling the professional commitments, we have forgotten the simple joys of life, that cost us nothing. Just for a day, don’t snooze your alarm, and try it for a day. I am sure, you would never go back to your old life.


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