What I Consume Matters, but What I like also Matters…

Vegetable Street Market
Vegetable Street Market

‘Would you like to eat an apple?’

‘Some grapes, maybe?’

‘Do you like to have an orange?’

And the answer was always a silence with a subtle smile or no. Maybe, if the mood was right, the banana was the only constant answer.

I was always a little different child. Unlike other children, whose eyes sparkled hearing the names of fruits, my face frowned when heard one. My hands never approached fruits. The too sweet or too sour taste never attracted me. Not just in the house, even in public gatherings, it was the same. There were hundreds of times, when my parents, had to face mysterious faces of others during social gatherings. I have never had the urge to have fruits, even though, I knew how beneficial it is. After a point in time, even though, many would say this is wrong, I justified this act of myself by saying, what I consume matters for good health, but what I like also matters. On the contrary, just like books, greens and vegetables are my best friends.

As a kid as well as an adult, I am always fascinated about greens and vegetables. When the mothers were struggling to make their children eat healthy greens and vegetables, my mother was blessed. I would be walking in and out of the kitchen as the meal was getting prepared. I was always excited to eat the food as I sensed the aroma of the cooked vegetables. My eyes would pop out and the face would sparkle with joy, looking and tasting the delicious vegetables.

Love Vegetables

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, etc., raw or cooked, vegetables are always my favorite. Even as I started cooking, I started appreciating the versatility of the vegetables, and the innate nature of the same. I adore pairing two or three different types of vegetables and cook it in a different style. Many would ask, which is your favorite vegetable? I always feel guilty just naming one, as I always feel, all the vegetables have been on my plate at some point in time or the other. Most often the answer is that vegetable which is in the season. I do put conscious efforts to consume and enjoy, greens and vegetables, which are available as per the season.

Greens and vegetables also have a special place in my life for a different reason. They are my best friends and best-stress busters. While many do shopping, go to a pub or bar, or step out to eat, when they are stressed, I prefer going to a crowded vegetable market. Looking at the cleanly washed, and neatly arranged vegetables and greens moving cart gives me the happiness and stress-relief that is unparalleled. Just by looking at those colored vegetables and luscious greens, fills my heart with immense joy, and makes me forget all my worries, at least temporarily.

Even today, I always opt for vegetables over fruits. When we go shopping, it’s my partner who picks up fruits and I pick up vegetables for the house. With time, though things haven’t changed drastically, I have definitely improved a little. In the list, along with banana, apple has also been added. I have slowly started liking the taste of apple, and trying to eat at least once a week. People around me are definitely surprised, yet, are supportive and appreciative of this step towards my good habit. Let me know what do you like – vegetable or fruit, or both?


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