Why you should read books every day?

Does your child read? Yes, I know, every child study’s in school and reads. But do they read books for happiness and time pass? Digging my niece’s bag and finding so many books, makes me feel so happy and satisfied. She is a ten-year-old and carries a book everywhere. Whether it’s a wedding, hospital, or a travel destination, books are the first item she packs in her bags. At this tender age, she writes stories of her imagination. Born in an era where there was hardly any technology around, book reading was one of my favorite habits and time pass that I had developed for myself. My friends were the first source of inspiration for book reading. Books have always played the most important role in my life.

Books Have a Conversation

In this fast-paced world, we have tweaked our minds to watch motion pictures and have lost the interest to enjoy and relish the true essence of words and books. We don’t have the patience to read through a book of even 100 pages. Remember the old days when our grandparents read storybooks and we just had to visualize the scene. Today, our brains have been rusted and our ability to visualize has been faded out. Not just children, even the parents feel distracted easily and have lost the patience to pick up a book and read to the child. Accept or deny, but you cannot ignore this bitter truth.

From the age of 6months to 1 year, you can start the habit of book reading. Yes! It might sound illogical, but it is proved the children at that primitive age observe, listen and grasp things that we can’t even imagine. Book reading is one of the best habits to be inculcated in your child. Books offer the finest knowledge, mental stimulation, vocabulary, memory development, strong analytical skills, improved focus and concentration, and is the best and harmless source of entertainment. It is the best adventure travel experience, free of cost. They are the source of stress reduction. Books don’t judge the readers. They just help them heal.

Love Books!!!

If you haven’t inculcated the habit, now is the time to do. Here are simple ways to teach and implement the habit of book reading and create a love for books in children.

  • Be a role model. You as a parent, start reading books. Seeing you, the kid is going to pick it up.
  • If the kid wants to go out, don’t take them to the mall always. Take them to a book exhibition, book reading shows, etc.
  • Enroll them with a lending library. They would get to read a variety of books. Beyond this, they would also have the responsibility to take care of those books.
  • Gift them books on their special days.
  • Make it a family ritual to read at least a few pages of books every day before they hit the bed.

Do you know what? Giving them books is like giving them friends for life who will stick around them irrespective of the scenario. Books are the teachers who will hold their hands for life. They are the correct medicine to cure any type of illness in their life. The role of books in one’s life is inevitable. So, don’t prevent them from your children. No matter how busy your child is, give them time to dwell in their world of fantasies through books. Mark my words, you are grooming a happy and healthy child by bringing books in their life. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and read along with your little one.


  • Shilpa Shreevatsa

    Teared me up. Books the best of friends one can ever get.
    And it isn’t so tough to befriend them. Just take a nose dive into them and everything just falls in to place.
    Lovely piece Mins. Loved it. Thank you for this. 🙏🙏

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