Born in the ’80s, most people around me, tell me that ‘I am an Old Soul’ and should have born in the 60’s era. That, I haven’t yet embraced the millennial generation. Times have changed, but my clock is ticking in the 80’s & 90’s phase, and so is my approach to many small things in daily life. If you read along, I am going to share with you, the most hilarious, creepy, and annoying actions of my life and the OCD that I possess, which usually terrorizes people around me. All of us have such attitudes and activities, but we generally don’t accept or appreciate ourselves and have a burst of laughter with it. I am sure you would hold on to my thoughts somewhere in my journey, as you read this.

I am Perfect Irrespective of My Flaws

I write this as ‘I am that Person’…

  • People today appreciate and feel respected if they are addressed by their names. But it looks like, most of the time, I have offended people, as I call them Didi, Bhaiya, Bhabhi, etc. In short, I don’t like addressing them with their name, because I feel, I am not respecting the opposite human and this way they are always valued more.
  • With so many diseases and flu around, I am still that person, who loves to get drenched in the rain without any worry of the consequences. Of course, there are plenty of times, when I had to face a lot of trouble because of my actions. Just not me, my partner-in-crime, even my husband had to face it.
  • I love collecting bags – small or big. I have a huge plastic bag in my house, that has hundreds of multiple sized bags which are typically hung behind the door or kept close to the kitchen for easy accessibility. I feel sinned if I throw away clean and neat plastic bags. So is applied for jute and cloth bags.
  • I am also that person, who has terrorized people around me, with the love of boxes and containers. I love different collections of boxes: steel, plastic or aluminum. People who know me, know how possessive I am about my boxes. There is always a war in my house if they forget the boxes. My sister and my husband have felt the real thrash from me, in this aspect. So, ya, be aware and conscious.
  • My OCD levels are slightly different. For instance, I do not feel right if someone uses the same ladle for two different dishes. Whether it is in my house or at someone else’s place, I do not accept that. (Yes, I am the culprit of that extra usage of water).
  • Long or short trip – I need to have water, snacks and proper food in my bag. Even though there are multiple food joints on every corner of the street, I cannot travel without having food. There are multiple times when people have ordered food in the hotel and I have slowly opened my food box and eaten. My family is used to this. And, they do not care about me in public. They completely behave, as I don’t exist. But it’s my food that comes handy when these food joints let them down in the taste or accessibility.
Disorder to be in Order
  • I am also a 31-year-old woman, who loves to hang around with kids. Not just being around, rather literally play running and catching, the dog and the bone, hide & seek, and most importantly, jump on the bed for no reason and screaming at the top of my voice. I just thoroughly love this and live my life to the fullest around my niece, nephews and every kid who has come into my life.
  • For me, everything that I do needs to be jotted down and cannot be just in mobile NOTES or KEEP. I have to pen down all my thoughts on paper, plan everything to the T, before I begin executing the same. I am sorry to say, technology doesn’t give me that joy of paper and pen. I love stationeries and can go a mile, just to get a 10-rupee pen, if its worth in.
  • I am still that person, who prefers to make a call or meet a person directly, in comparison to messaging the person on WhatsApp. Yes, most of the time, people feel offended. But, what do I do, I am like this? In short, even today, while there are millions of advantages of mobile phones, I prefer having a Landline at home, which is completely out of my reality of dreams. It’s just a wish, which will remain a wish.
  • We have all had our favorite cartoon shows which we have forgotten. But, I haven’t. Even today, whenever I get time, I watch Tom & Jerry, Ducktales and Mr. Bean, and have a hearty laugh. What’s your favorite show? I am also sure; I am going to introduce them to my child in the future. A legacy that cannot be cut with time.
  • I am in my 30’s, still studying courses, writing exams and certainly feel elated as I clear them. I literally depict in my life that learning is never-ending. Sometimes I feel, even after my child finishes his or her studies, I am going to still continue the same.
  • I am also that person, who cannot sleep straight on one side of the bed. Unconsciously, even today, I rotate and there are multiple times I have blabbered my heart out with my hands and legs dancing in different directions. I seriously admit, it requires a lot of courage, to share the same bed and sleep with me. Few souls are definitely courageous and they have done it.
  • I am also that soul, who is constantly worried until my loved one reaches his or her destination, even though I can track their presence as they pass their journey. This doesn’t get rid of me and it causes lots of troubles in my house and every other family and friend circle. I keep pinging them and expect a pingback no matter what. I know it is annoying but I can’t help. You got to bear with me.

Looks like the list is endless, as I introspect my personality and know, how I am torturing the people around me in my daily life. And, Warning, nothing is going to change in the future. I am sure, as you have a laughter riot, you are digging into your obsessions as you read this blog. Share your OCD’s and other human hilarious disorders so that I have tummy pained laughter. I would be more than happy to know yours.


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