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Bye 2018 Welcome 2019


2018 – A year filled with lots of celebrations. Whether it was birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, celebrations were in full swing. Oh! Not to forget those unbeatable vacation time with my partner in crime. Yet, somewhere, I personally wasn’t happy or satisfied with how 2018 treated me. Health was constantly in an angry and grumpy mood. My body and I were mutually disconnected. The life as a freelancer wasn’t so great with lots of downs and hope of up in the graph. Rarely blogged, hardly got paid or exciting work and seldom responded to the audience. In short, a very dull year.

As the year ended, I reflected the events of 2018 and my reactions to those occasions, I was startled to have wasted so much time of my life. What I could feel that I was so immersed in my own pain and most of the times, couldn’t be their others when they needed me. I was focussed on solving my problems, thinking, firstly I need to clear the roadblocks of my life. Unfortunately, nothing happened as I perceived. There was hardly a time when I had called up my near and dear ones to share my happiness or sadness. I unintentionally blocked so many fragments of relationships which never meant to be.


Blogging Positive Happiness
Happy Positive Vibes

As every year teaches something, 2018 has been a great revelation of myself to me. A year that changed my perspective towards myself and the people around me. It has taught me, ‘If you walk on a road, roadblocks are meant to be. One plan to clear all the roadblocks and then walk’. Learn to walk, pick up the blocks and continue walking. The year 2018 has also taught to be happy from within. Happiness is contagious and if you can spread it like a virus, nothing like that.

With a new and refreshing year, time to apply the learnings from 2018. In 2019, I am consciously trying to make efforts for myself to find reasons to smile and be happy, irrespective of what life throws at me. Take pleasures and appreciate every small aspect of my life, for I am blessed to have them. I do not promise that I won’t feel sad or frown. But, I promise to not to dwell in that mode for long. This year I shall help and heal people with my smile and positivity. This year I promise to walk in the path of turning all my dreams into reality. And, definitely read this blog, whenever I am sailing in through the hurdles of life. I am going to make this year count for the rest of my life.

The first nine days of the year has already been ticked off and I could see the change within me. If you wish to have a satisfying year, it is not only important to see the results, it is firstly important for you to take the steps towards the same. One day at a time. Those baby steps towards whatever you wish for. 

Stay tuned to this space and 2019, for I am coming with some thought-provoking pieces of writing and exciting ideas to make our world happier. Share your ideas, goals, and dreams, and how you wish to fulfill them. Are you set to take your baby steps? If not, then do it right away. Because, if you change the perspective, trust me, happiness puts on different, vibrant, and comforting clothes.

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