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‘You are the daughter we always wished for’, said the ever-smiling in-laws to the bride. And, my mind laughed with ridicule, ‘Huh! The same old cliché dialogue of the society. Alas! Nothing has changed over the years’. Isn’t this a typical scenario in most of the Indian weddings where the words and actions contradict themselves? We all have witnessed it. We all have faced it.

A few months back, it was my bestie’s turn to get hitched to her longtime partner and stepped into the most unpredictable roller-coaster ride of the life. An inter-caste wedding where the beauty of the north and south rituals was singing in glory. Right from the moment, we stepped into the wedding, it was all about royalty. From the welcome of the guests to the stunning wedding decors, outfits, the endless variety of cuisines, mesmerizing music, traditional dances, bridal and groom entries. Oh Man! You name it, they had it at the wedding.

The experience of that big fat Indian wedding that was worth half a crore was one to be remembered for life. Not just for the grand and gala three-day regal affair, but, for the way, the people conducted themselves upholding relationships beyond the norms of society. A wedding that truly depicted the merge of the north and the south. The groom’s family had arranged a stunning welcome and introduction for the bride’s family with the theme of Hum Saath Saath Hain during the Sangeet function. This helped not just the parents, but also the extended families of the bride and the groom to feel comfortable and enjoy the wedding. It was a wedding, where the in-laws focused more on the bride, her comfort, and her needs than their own relatives and friends.

She is the Daughter!

Having witnessed weddings filled with family chaos, ego-clashes, the pride and domination of the groom’s family, etc., this wedding celebration quite an opposite scene. It was pleasant to see, how the groom’s side meant every word that they uttered to their daughter-in-law. There was a scene when the groom’s father, looked at the bride, and uttered, ‘You are the daughter we always wished for. So, let’s go’. I had no words to appreciate them for how they have treated all the bride’s family. A wedding that was filled with joy, happiness, comfort, laughter, and remarkable memories for all.

Today, every side we turn, it is all about the dowry harassment, in-law’s compatibility issues, ego wars between the relationships, divorce, etc., this wedding was a modern zest of positive fragrance. It reinstated my belief towards the institution of marriage and family. I was stunned with happiness and pride in the way my friend and her family, were treated, welcomed and respected. This was a wedding, which is a mirror for the modern-day in-laws who step in the journey of becoming the parents of the bride. A wonderful way to sow the right seeds for the in-law’s relationship.

Every daughter leaves her nest filled with umpteen memories and hundreds of threads of the strong relationships of unconditional love. With the same hope of love and respect, and myriad of questions, doubts, and hiccups, she begins her new journey without any clarity of the destination. And, when she gets such a compassionate and understanding family, the journey becomes far more significant and worthier, than the destination itself.


  • Simran Thareja

    Wonderful article…..lucky r the girls who get such terrific family where lifez long journey seems pretty easier. But rare r such familyz who give value to girl n her family…….not much to say but yes if v ol start considering each other as a human or may b v look at soul level than the world will b filled with roses without thorns……may ol girls b blessed

    • mini.asthana

      Well Said Simi! Completely second you. Though not everyone is lucky, such people and families always ignite the hope for a better society. And, the change is slow, but definitely happening.

  • Shilpa

    Such a nice blog. Definitely a hopeful sight and experience in this troubled life. A saga of never ending ill treatment to the bride and her parents and siblings should stop. High time people start respecting one another for being human. If being human was marketed as a brand (not just associated with salman khan) and something which would suggest one’s worth in the society, am sure people would start to be one. Unfortunately it isn’t sold in shops, no not yet.

    There is still time, people could make an effort to being in the change even in families which has broken for such issues. Time to mend. Time to heal. Time to be HUMAN.

    • mini.asthana

      Thank you Siree 🙂 Your wedding was one that I would remember for life.. This one totally dedicated towards your family 🙂

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