Corporate World
The Walk into the Corporate World

Tick-tick, tick-tock, it’s 9.00 AM. A mob of robots in the form of human enters the campus of tall silver and grey colored buildings. Tick-tick, it is 6.00 PM, the same crowd comes out. An everyday scene during my life in the corporate world. I was also one among these robots, who could not survive more than three years in this polychromatic corporate world. Thanks to the universe that my corporate life came to an ended very soon. Having said that, I always wondered what made people come to this strange world every day relentlessly.

Questioning myself, I realized, hopping through multiple corporate gates fueled by bumpy roads, my peers were the only motivating factor for me. My colleagues have been a great drive during my short stint. This was my story. But, when asked a few who just stepped into this world and who had already spent more than a decade and two, I realized people’s motives to reach these doors of hope was more than money.

Money unquestionably was the implicit reason for their presence in this world. Beyond this, few referred the quality of work that they did and the product or service they delivered made them feel alive every day. Few even felt that, even though they aren’t paid to the market standards, it is the work that they do matters in their life. For few, it was a compulsion from the family to be in the corporate world and settle in the foreign land, for others it was a way to fulfill their parent’s dreams in immediate future.

Corporate World
The Corporate Ladder

The rat race of climbing the ladder, insensitive politics and inhuman treatment of the employees were the reasons why I stepped out of this world. Coming back to the present scenario, one of the young budding corporate robot, stated his thoughts in a very simple, quirky and humble way, ‘In just two years of time in this four walls of the corporate world, I feel like a puppet who is treated like a slave. I am not paid as my other team members. Yet, I come here every day. Do you know why? I am a bachelor and stay in a PG. I come here for free food, AC, comfortable ambiance, and free wifi. I do exactly whatever is told, nothing less or more. I am making the best use of this time and space for my life and sowing seeds of my future and with time, they won’t even know when I shall escape this place’. Aha! I am always amazed by the prodigies of the human mind and how it can have millions of perspectives for the same scenario.

Everyone has their own reasons to travel in this world. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the roadblocks of this universe. The real jackpot of the corporate world is the learnings of life and beautiful relationships that we carry back even after you leave this space not become robots in real life impacting our personal lives as well.

So if you around positive and encouraging people, it is a place to be in, irrespective of the paycheck. If not, think about moving out of your comfort zone (the present zone), because you are not a tree. You can and must move ahead and think of a better peaceful and promising life. Are you a busy bee robot of the corporate world? Look around and embrace the real emotions; because that’s what gives the true meaning to your life.


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