I watch the last scintillating rise of the glorious sun of this year, giving me infinite positive energies and sowing the words of gratitude and grit in me. And once again, here I am, writing yet another, Thank You Blog for my incredible audience who have been sailing with me in my journey of life. I owe every pie of the success and failure (vital steps of the ladder of growth) to my audience who have given me constructive feedback. I am indebted to my readers who are a passive catalyst in my life as a writer and aid me pushing my limits.

Gratitude and Grit
Make the Best of your Life

As I look down to the sweepers on the road, I see two women talking to each other in the teary eye and sharing comforting words of hope. With such a beauty of life, my mind goes back to a recent bus journey, when I overheard a girl speaking in a proper TamBrahm language and giving very polite instructions to her mother-in-law (totally my assumption and as she wore madisaar) over the phone. A few minutes later, the same girl was talking in Urdu to her mother (assuming with her tone and way of speaking). The conversation ended beautifully with a notorious smile on her face, which got infected with me. Yes, the smile bug bit me and stuck with me for a long period of time.

A non-verbal interaction of smiles reflected the new changing thoughts of the society. Even though the change is very slow and in a negligible percentage, it is certainly commendable for a TamBrahm family to accept a Muslim girl as their daughter-in-law and vice-versa for a boy.  Most of the times, we do see men are always appreciated, irrespective of what they do and how they interact with their in-laws. As I write this, I also question, as to how many women are appreciated and respected for their efforts in a house, where people of mixed culture live together.

Are the efforts to mingle with the new family, looked upon or looked down, stating it as, it’s her duty to do so? It is comforting to see how the next generation accepts and adapts to the different cultures and follow them religiously irrespective of whether they believe in them or not. But is it all worth the time of their life? A million questions with no conclusive answers tangled in my mind.

As my mind dances to the music of my emotions and words, I continue writing and deleting the words on my notepad, I pause for a second and silently look back the year that has gone by. A year filled with innumerable instances of growth and learnings of life. A time to look back and feel strong, amidst the ups and downs of life and grow as a person.

The year 2017 has been a small yet definite growth in my freelance career and gain of knowledge in the professional arena. Many clients came into my business. Few had a small stint and some are still trusting me and holding my hands and continuing to take my services. I’m truly indebted to the trust.

On the personal front, it has been a great year in terms of quality time spent with the family. Thanks to my partner for pushing me to give up on the frenzied corporate life and start my own venture at my leisure. No personal life is complete without potholes and I had my share of bumps worthy of experience, and learning the better perspective of people and relationships. As I step into the New Year, I am positive and strong to face the challenges of life and help my readers and people around me to seek a life filled with the joy of sharing and caring.

Thank You Once Again for Trusting in My Work!!!

Wishing you a very Happy, the Peaceful and Prosperous Year of 2018!!!

Love, Best Wishes & Regards,

Rustic Roots,

Ila Asthana

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