Power of Education
Magic Masala of Life

Do you know what magic that the hundreds of masala powder (any powder) add to a dish? It adds fragrance, flavor, and finesse to a food. It gives a shape and sense to a dish. A normal home comfort food becomes a fine dining experience in itself. That’s the power of masala in a food. Likewise, do you what is the Magic Masala of Life? Do you know you have it in you? Yes, it is in your hands. It’s in you. Keep guessing. Keep thinking. This is one of the Magic Masala, which you cannot miss using it in the recipe of your life.

As I browse my history of saved bookmarks, an article about education popped up. The blog spoke about the speech of Malala Yousafzai. The one statement spoken by her, caught my attention instantly was, ‘In some parts of the world, students go to school every day. It’s their normal life. But in other parts of the world, we are starving for education… it’s like a precious gift. It’s like a diamond.’

This blog made me realize, how a good and proper education has played a significant role in my life. If it was not the struggle of my mother, I wouldn’t have had an education in the first place. Thanks to my mother for fighting a life for me. If I hadn’t had a right set of teachers to guide me in life, I wouldn’t have the positivity in me. The list goes on and I owe it to what I refer as the magic masala, ‘Education’.

Most of the times we forget to embrace, appreciate and be thankful for the education bestowed on our lives. However, you would never do so, if you reflect back and see how education has changed your life. Look around and you will realize hundreds of children are denied of this Masala of Life. Education has empowered my life with knowledge, confidence, and courage to break the barriers of opportunities. Education is the Magic Masala of My Life. What do you say? What is the Magic Masala of Your Life?

Writeathon 2017 commences from today. This year, I am making the best of the efforts to bring in blogs solely on the power and magic of education. Get glued to this space for witty, interesting, and informative stories of my school and college memories, how education impacts an individual’s mindset and life and how we as a society should take a deeper dig into this masala which adds Magic in every child’s life.

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