The Lost Road
The Lost Road

It’s Friday Morning and I get this text from a friend, ‘I have not seen your blog for a very long time. Neither any other activity happening on your website’, a message from one of my silent, subtle followers of my writings and work. Strange to know and realize that, there are a set of audience who wait for your work and thoughts.

It has been quite a few months that I have written for myself. Umpteen number of commitments in the personal and professional end; and most of the times procrastination and liberty of zero deadlines have led to the almost death of my website.

There have so many times when I wanted to write, but something or the other stopped me. Guess, just my own thoughts had been the blocks to the lost road. Today, just wanted to scramble down my muddled musings and declutter them.

I promise to myself and to my readers and inspirers, in time to come, I shall be more active and fruitful towards myself and my work.

Thank You to all My Lovely Readers,

Ila Asthana

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