Twenty years before could you have imagined, that, you could have a small box which would rule and ruin your life? A small tool, which can show the tremendous magic of technology and offer a luxurious and comfortable life. A power packed commodity on which our complete life is dependent upon. A reliable and affordable product connecting the threads of life. Yes! I am talking about the greatest invention of mankind, Mobile Phones. The Magic Box of all our lives. The joy of possessing the first mobile phone is an amazing and unexplainable emotion.

Recently, in a bus stop, I purposefully counted the number of people, glued to the mobile phones, not realizing and feeling the world around them. Probably more than three fourth of the crowd was in their own world, and the rest staring at them and may be wondering what they were stuck with. The truth is, my smartphone had some signal issues and I escaped the three-fourth crowd.

Just then coincidentally, an elderly man, looked at me with the curious eyes of a child, ‘We use mobile phones for talking. What do you, young generation do with the mobile phone all through the day? Is it something we older generation are missing out?’ I was confused and didn’t know what to answer. The origin of mobile phone was meant to bridge the communication gap across borders. Today, this magic box is doing wonders in our life.

From being portable to handy, mobile phones are the most used technological devices by the mankind. Irrespective of the need and sector, mobile phones and its features are lifting the experience of the lifestyle of the consumer. Ten years before, who knew, we could buy groceries and medicines with just a few clicks of our thumb. No one could imagine, we could all join hands for a social cause which is happening in a remote village in Africa. From communication to paying the bills to tracking your health regime and what not. This magic box has done it all. Kudos to every human being, who is in some corner, making the best efforts to harness its potential.

Every new technology is a boon as well as a bane. Too much of technology has also shaped mankind to be lazy. Even today, our previous generation, meticulously write’s down the phone numbers in a paper. They do not completely trust the capabilities of the magic box. Mobile phones have become a source of escape from the challenges of life. Gone are the days, when the family time was all about chatting and eating at the dinner table. Today, much is happening over the mobile phones and sometimes, ruining our relationship with our loved ones.

A man-made magic box has taken over our lives, without our knowledge. We are the Magicians. The magic is in our hands to use the magic box so that it neither rule’s or ruin’s our life. Use the magic box with appropriate and necessary magic tricks to make your life magical and memorable.


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