A family member recently commented on my increase in the body weight. My instant reply was, ‘Hum Khathe Peethae Ghar Ke Hain (We come from a lavish eating family). Maybe which is why you feel so’. The prolonged silence was broken, after the continuous taunts, on my gain of weight from different facets of the society. Despite the fact, that the intention was to bring in a sense of humor, it turned out to be otherwise. Nevertheless, conversations changed, thoughts changed and the setting changed. I wonder, why do we keep assessing and commenting on someone’s physical appearance.

There were few instances in life, when people have questioned, whether I eat to live or live to eat. While I knew the actual answer from my heart, I would always reverse and reciprocate otherwise. The truth is I Live to Eat. Yes! I exist to eat, satisfy my palate and innate hunger of food. I breathe, live, eat, hog, and then again, breathe, live, eat, hog and the circle of my life continues. When I say live to eat, I mean, I relish the whole process of eating, which includes, cooking, tasting, hogging, serving all types of food, which might be a simple home cooked food to any modern cuisine.

My palate is a little restricted and I am picky in the foods that I experiment with. However, I love to tweak and twist the traditional journey of food in my life. The curiosity to taste the different Indian Vegetarian cuisines and flavors is reflected in my food lifestyle. It is very hard for a person like me, who lives to eat, to pick a favorite food or cuisine. We cherish the journey of country-side food. For me especially, Indian rural style of cooking, its taste and flavors are always at the pinnacle.

I do not term myself as a Foodie, but I am a Food Lover, who not only wants to take a deep dive in the palate experience but also be a part in the creation of mouth-watering and melting flavors. A food love which is far beyond just eating and trying out new cuisines. With all these attitudes and habits as a food lover, it is reflected in my physical and mental personality as well.

It is completely fine to hog, unless it is balanced with appropriate physical activity. Well, I have put on a lot of weight, which is clearly visible and undeniable. Nonetheless, I have no regrets. I feel very exceptionally happy when I go through the process as a food lover. I am physically active and making all the efforts to stay healthy and have a balanced life. Whatever your weight is, if you have the habit of eating the food with utmost enjoyment and stay happy, ignore the talk of the world. You have better things to taste in life. Go and hunt for your next dish to satisfy your palate and hunger for a perfectly flavored and tasty food.

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