Do you Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

A family member recently commented on my increase in the body weight. My instant reply was, ‘Hum Khathe Peethae Ghar Ke Hain (We come from a lavish eating family). Maybe which is why you feel so’. The prolonged silence was broken, after the continuous taunts, on my gain of weight from different facets of the […]

Is there a thread that connects Age and Maturity?

‘When he becomes older, he will act maturely’, ‘She behaves in a childish way. Hope she is matured enough to handle life’, ‘At this age, you are supposed to handle your life in a matured way’. Yes! We have all grown up listening to these clichéd conversations. Personally, I have experienced many people using such […]

The Great Power of Media

The Great Power of Media Our civic books have reflected Media as the fourth pillar of democracy, according to the Indian constitution, whereby thrusting a huge responsibility for the Great Power of Media. Hailing from Pre-Independent era till date, the media has undergone an evolution. The form, the style, the technology, etc., all have witnessed, […]