‘I was there to protect you, when speed thrilled you’, utters the inner silent voice of a speed breaker. ‘I was malnourished in my formative stages, so it’s not my mistake, the potholes of the India Road roar tearfully.

The Indian Roads have always been under the scanner of the public. The government of India relentlessly puts forth an erroneous strategy of road development of the roads and ends up having dissatisfied and unhappy citizens. The Indian roads, filled with bumps and potholes disrupting the smooth travel experience for the commuters are the most cursed aspect of Indian civic society. Rupturing the civic society, the tale of Indian Roads is far beyond the bumps and the potholes.

Many Economists state that a flawless infrastructure development strategy of Roads of a country is a mark of a country’s progressive economic development. The construction and renovation scene of the roads have demonstrated that it can be a major development activity and in short a definite road to economic success as well. Indian stands tall in having the guidance of renowned Economists of the World such as Amartya Sen, Manmohan Singh, Raghuram Rajan, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, and the endless list goes on. Unfortunately, somewhere we have failed to use the expertise of these Economists, who have distinguished knowledge to build a constructive strategy of Road Development.

Views of Aam Aadmi

While was doing some research about Indian Roads and its development, a question which popped suddenly was, ‘Why do we need Roads?’ I asked few adults, who instantly replied with a stint of sarcastic smile and look, ‘I wish to have a smooth travel experience on the road. Bad road instigate road rage’. I felt, ‘That’s all’. Some time later, I asked a small child the same question. Just curious to know what roads meant for children. The eight-year-old child with a contagious laugh stated, ‘I can play happily and my mother will have no worry, whether I have fallen into any pit’. Another chap said, ‘I love to play on the streets. These potholes, bumps, traffic and unhygienic space are the blocks of my playing time. My parents don’t allow me to play on the streets because of these badly structured roads. Hence, I am forced to be indoors’.

A lot of fascinating thoughts and stories, buried behind the road development, which is usually strategic civic areas of goal development. The true story of good roads is far beyond the economic and infrastructure growth. True that the insanity of the Indian roads have ruptured this real story of civic system.
A beautifully laid broad and clean road, nourished with perfect lighting and greenery is the colorful and serene dream of the Young Guns of India. A smooth road is every runner’s and biker’s dream. Such roads are not just dream for the adults to have a smooth travel experience, but also the young children, who wish to have a safe and secured open to space to widen the horizons of talent and creativity. A gentle fresh air, a small walk on a smooth road, can imbibe great positive energy and fills in the enthusiasm of the path breakers and road runners. A change in the prescript of thought pills of the Indian government’s purpose of road development goals is the need of the hour.

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