Is their life Glossy or Gloomy?

A phone call which uncovered a deep wound, filled with blood stains of heart-wrenching emotions, pertaining to thousands like her. ‘A dreamy, fantasy filled, glossy life is what they believe, I live here in a foreign land’, utters with a wet eye, choking throat, with a subtle smile. Far away, little did they know, why and how, we are living a life, far away from our roots, in a foreign land, amidst the aliens? With a strange feeling and hundreds of unspoken words and emotions, the call ended abruptly, followed by text message of reconnecting, some time later. Alas! An Indian in Foreign Land.

The days passed by, but the conversation lingered in my mind. There has been millions of instances, while I have questioned those who have left the country for their future and have cribbed about the same. I have always wondered what their thought process would be, once they step into the foreign land and how their mindset changes with time and experience of the new comforts. I have questioned myself, do they prioritize their future over the warmth of relationships of their homeland? Why do people move out with a promise to return in some time, settle in a foreign land? Don’t they miss their loved ones and the air of their motherland? The conversation rekindled several questions which prompted me to pen this on my blog.

There are thousands of beautiful scenic pictures of their life, which are painted with myriads of colors, with perfect glitters. We visualize them, leading a life of Alice in Wonderland in real sense. Unfortunately, we have ignored the brutal and pathetic daily scenarios, which they have to go through in their everyday life. Racism, Disrespect of hailing from the third world country, pigeonholing attitude, discourteous nonverbal communications, identity humiliation, etc. are some of the very few problems, amidst the hundreds of others, faced by the younger generation in a foreign land.

Qualitative higher education, an enormous high paying job opportunities as per the educational qualification and the dream to lead a comfortable life without any regrets, are the fertile seeds which are sown once stepped into that land. Yet, there is something more to this. A constant social pressure in their homeland, to have a structured life plan, is a huge reason of concern.

There are hundreds of people, who want to leave back the luxurious life and wish to come back to their home and lead a happy life with their near and dear ones. But these social stigmas and societal pressure of getting married, giving birth to a kid, having a bank balance, possessing a house of their own, and what not. Yes. Today these are the main causes, why people want to leave the roots or do not want to get back to their roots. These are the reasons, why so many people feel comfortable in handling the abuse in the foreign land and not the agonizing mentally disturbing societal pressures of our society.

A huge price of loneliness during the good and bad times, the colorful, fun-filled festivals, friendships, home cooked food, etc., is what they pay for being away from their roots, just to escape the brutal allegations of the beautiful uncles and aunties of the society. Their life has turned into a tale of hide and seek amidst the two lands. The journey which started with adjustment, learning the accent and adapting to the new culture and environment, has now been filled with awkwardness and anxiousness of being accepted and not treated as alien in a foreign land. The roller coaster ride of adapting, adjusting and acclimatizing.

From the bottom of my heart, I empathize with the emotions and problems of those souls, who are stranded in an unknown world. However, I wonder the other way. If all of us quit, move to a foreign land, who is going to clean the dirt of the homeland? If your roots are not steady, who will sow fertile seeds, to reap a better society? Yes! Very true! All of us have one life and we do not wish to lead it fighting all the way. Nevertheless, what are we showing our children? What are we leaving behind for the next generation? A society filled with ancient uncleaned thoughts. How will the societal problems of this country change, if the young blood doesn’t take up the responsibility of solving the same? Time to take U-turn. Think and Turn.

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  • Subha

    Nice perspective just my added thoughts not all the people who live abroad face racism, a lot depends on your own immediate community, city too. So painting all foreign lands with a broad brush does a disservice to many wonderful people. Just like in our country there are the good and there are the prejudiced. When we make the choice to live wherever it goes with the territory so acceptance of your own choice goes a long way.
    Secondly this is a trend I have been noticing a lot. We tend to paint everyone who chooses to settle down outside India as somehow turning our backs on the development of the country. NRI’s are inherently selfish and choose luxury over service is the common theme. Again painting people with a broad brush like this is a huge disservice to India. Why?
    Consider this, who are the CEO ‘s of many major MNCs it is the NRI’s , who sends major funding to most of the non profits in India, it is the NRI’s, whoshe presence and influence has made it mainstream to have a Hindu priest in the Whitehouse, why are the “foreigners” getting more educated in Sanskrit, yoga attending Hindu temple events having Indian Independence Day parades, wishing people in Tamil for pongal or joining in celebrating Diwali. It is because of the NRI’s. Our presence may seem selfish but every interaction we have with people of different culture we are spreading what we learned from India. Does this mean it is happening everywhere? No. But consider how little time we have had since Independence.
    A woman never forgets her mother’s home just because she is married. It is the same way so it is time to look at all people irrespective of where they are or where they live as children advancing the same cause. India cannot develop in isolation.

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