Who says resolutions and goals don’t work after the first week of the New Year?

A few years back, when Facebook was a new member of our social life, many people posted stating, No Resolutions, No Goals; Resolutions and Goals blind’s the realities of life; ‘Resolutions are tools of placebo effect’ etc. I was uncertain about those statements. To start the year, reading such messages, undoubtedly gulps a negative attitude into the readers. That’s when I decided to prove the same to myself, drafted and implemented SMART goals and resolutions. Now I ask all my readers, who says resolutions and goals don’t work after the first week of the New Year?

A New Year is like writing a new chapter of your life with your own hands. It is an opportunity given by the universe to fill vibrant colors to one’s dreams and achieve the goals of life. A New Year is like an eraser, which helps to erase our old mistakes, start fresh and write our life again. It is a healthy way to introspect our personal and professional life, and attain a sense of satisfaction.

For me, a new year is a ladder, aiding in getting one step closer to my reveries. As I step into a new and fresh year, I strive to paint my life with the mirage of fascinations, with a clear and positive mind space. This is not just for the first day or first week, I have chronicled a plan to keep up the energy levels consistently up.
2017 is going to be a year of writing, more writing and more writing. Business writings, personal blogging, carving a short story, poems, etc., is what will be served to my beloved readers. To scale up my freelance projects, along with learning new areas of technology is in pursuit of my career in 2017. Approximately three blogs per week along with lots of interaction with my audience, is the strategy to hit the bulls-eye.

A Warm New Year with a New Outlook towards life, I am going to make 2017 a year to be reminisced for myself, my business clients and cherished readers of my blog. Looking forward to a Happy, Healthy and Honored 2017 for all of us.

All the Best!!

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