Thank YOU Readers
Thank YOU Readers

A Flash Back into the Year 2016

A flash back into the year of 2016 reveals a life of potpourri of extreme of emotions. The first half of the year was filled with mundane routine, juggling between personal and professional errands. After a lot of efforts of impulsive outbursts of giving up and compromising moments, abandoning the ambience of uncomfortableness and crushing of the pulse of creativity, I quit my job. Post the decision, life blessed me with an energizing vacation to Leh-Ladak.

The second half of the year, fused the stay at home syndrome, accompanied by persistent efforts to get a new job as per my criteria. However, life threw unexpected scenarios, powered by an emotionally draining experience of rejection. I reached the tipping point of explosion, and choose to end the traumatic process of earning a sustainable job. I determined to set up my own working freelance set up and make a living, with the subject knowledge and honed professional skills.

With extortionate fear and anxiety about the life of the freelancer, writeathon was the first step towards the uncertain path. Of all the months, November 2016 was the important and challenging month. The completion of the 30 day Writeathon (continuous blogging everyday) without any interruption was the remarkable achievement as a freelance writer. It was undoubtedly the greatest reinforcement to myself about the thought of the possibility of achieving a living and gaining a job satisfaction in the freelancing career.

A Thank You Note to My Readers

If you follow my blog and don’t usually get time to read my posts, today is an exception. This blog is dedicated to every single reader who makes time from the busy schedule and takes efforts to read my pieces of writing. The best part of my journey is the secrecy of my target audience. The audience is spread across the borders, different cultures and habitats. It is surreal to sense, that my words are read globally.

Each time when I sit down to write, the prima facie challenge is to make the topic more valuable and engaging for my readers. Beyond the fascinations, it is a responsibility that I do not write anything that would hurt the reader’s sentiments and emotions. Each time I write, I want to make sure the readers are happy with their decision to spend their prized time in my space.

I am eternally grateful to my audience who are my biggest source of inspiration for my writings. I am indebted to them for being my strength through my overly exhaustive dark days. Your presence in my life as a writer, reinforces my dream of establishing a fruitful career in writing. You as readers are the fuel to the fire that constantly burns within me.

Just one like, comment, share or any other gesture of feedback and criticism means the world to me. It encourages me to deliver content that makes a difference in your life and the world that we live it. As a writer always crave for your opinion. I am so grateful to every person who takes efforts to share a straight forward opinion about my writings without any bias.

I am greatly honored whenever you stop by my universe. Request you all to continue your positive support towards my work, showing a ray of hope in my life.

With Love and Regards,
Ila Asthana


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