An Open Letter to the most respected Society
Gender Equality

An Open Letter to the most respected Society

Dear Society,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate and thank you for priming some of your fragments as per the evolution. I came into this world empty handed. I appreciate what I have received as the byproducts of the societal evolution, in the form of closely knitted parents, siblings, extended families, and beautiful friendships for a lifetime, of course with specific disclaimers in every stage of life.

In your society, men and women coexists. One is always dependent on the other. This is how the cycle of evolution leads generation after generation. This is nature’s phenomena, which even you as a society cannot eradicate. Having said that, gender discrimination between men and women, has been happily pirouetting and reigning the society from time immemorial. Discrimination of sexes, not just who will rule the land or who will lay down rules for any organizations of the society, but also in the daily life, pigeonholing the women gender to be the weaker sex.

Many would think and assume that such philosophies don’t endure any more. The reality check is here. The truth is, it still pertains within our societal system. The bitter verity is gender discrimination still exists, just that, its form has altered. During the olden times, you as a society questioned and obstructed the women to even step out of the four walls of the house.

Times have changed. As I already mentioned, some fragments of the society, do appreciate and encourage women, when she reveries about moon and star. Conversely, even today, a large section of the society, engraves a fence in every step of her life, blocking her from dreaming a life of her own choices and dreams, irrespective of whether it is a personal or professional life.

The most biased tenet of the society is forcing the women to quit her well established career and move around, wherever the men’s professional life gets established. Most of the times, society forces the women in a marriage, to take a cessation in her professional career. Men are always given the liberty to take decisions on their own and lead a life on their terms and conditions.

Relationships are successful and comforting only when they are mutually exclusive. Today, when a woman goes through the gestation phase, which is in reality a new life, not just for the mother, but also the father. However, only the mother is questioned about the future of her professional life. In most of the scenarios, the professional life of a woman has been always at stake.

If she chooses to be a stay at home mother or if she chooses to get back to her professional life, immediately after her maternity break, she is always thrown into the well of societal pressures and abusive judgements, making her feel guilty about her decisions. Today, the mother is deluged with hundreds of questions, which in reality, must be answered, mutually by both the parents together. All this doesn’t happen in any corner of the world. Forlornly, occurs in the so called high society, within our families, where women are still, the prey to such societal bondage.

Women face millions of scenarios occur in the day to day life, at times, have to face it, with no support of the partner, family or any other peer group. I might sound pessimistic and unappreciative, towards the freedom that women of this generation are getting, when compared to yesteryears. Having said that, it is unfortunate that women have to face myriads of challenges of the society, to lead her life on her terms and conditions. Is gender discrimination a precious jewel of the society? Shouldn’t both the gender be allowed to lead their life as per their wishes? Shouldn’t we as a society, act as the best support system for their dreams? Shouldn’t gender discrimination be rooted out, because no matter what, both the gender has to coexist? Shouldn’t we groom both the gender to respect the ideas, wishes and outlook on life? Why should one gender compromise for the other? Shouldn’t both the genders, find the middle ground of mutual happiness?

A heartfelt admiration and salute to all the folks of the society, who are striving hard to find the middle path, so that both the gender can hold each other’s hand and walk together happily and contently in life. To the others, request you to respect the wishes, dreams, choices, ideologies, principles, etc., without any gender discrimination. Whether it a choice of profession or choice of partner, let the individuals own their decisions.

May you always support and respect their decisions. May the society turn to be the best support system to achieve their purpose of the life, whether it is dreaming to go to the moon, to remain to be a stay at home father or mother, or even the smallest wish to lead a peaceful life. Request you, not to pass any penchant remarks, not before standing yourself in their shoes.

With lots of Love and Respect to the Society,

An active participant of the Society.

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