The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants
The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants

The True Colors of the Colorful Beauty Pageants

This is a tragic story of a small girl, hailing from a small village in India. The everyday tussle to mend the needs of her family, did not stop her from dreaming a magnanimous life. She had vibrant dreams of getting crowned with the titles of beauty pageants of the world. Many mocked at her when she expressed her dream to them. Some even dampened, by commenting about her murky skin color and ignored the sharp and attractive features.

However, no societal snag could deter her from painting colorful dreams of life. After a lot of struggle, she cleared the state and national level selection of the beauty pageant. One step away to enter into the global beauty pageant competition, her name was removed from the international selection list, for the obvious political reasons and bias towards the skin color. The true colors of the beauty pageant competition besieged, which thronged her from within.

Appreciating beauty is innate quality in every human. So it is not surprising why the history of beauty pageants is traced down to the antiquity of time. Beauty pageants were a source of entertainment in the olden days. The jury included the great minds of the city like warriors, public speakers, philosophers, poets, actors and sculptors. It was in 1854 when the first beauty pageant in America was carried on, but this was closed down due to public protests. It was in 1880s when the modern beauty pageants were started. Since then, Beauty Pageants have come a long, every year crowning someone as the Miss World and Miss Universe. Only one can be eligible for the title. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the sway of the beauty pageants is long lasting on all the contenders. The invisible and unfamed colors of the beauty pageants, remain colorful long after the culmination of the ceremony.

Beauty pageants have some seriously long lasting impact, not just on the winners, but on all the participants of the competition. The behind the scenes of the competition is completely opposite than the on-screen scene. The skinny contestants who glide across the stage, are warily and meticulously crooked about the perfect teeth, perfect skin, and perfect bodies; and are contrived to pose in different angles in front of the jury, regardless of their comfortability. An inch more or a little dusky tone, along with off screen abusive remarks, lead to depression and low self-esteem in the participants.

Many people advocate beauty pageants, as a platform to showcase the talent and a stage to imbibe the confidence, to face challenges of the world. Nonetheless, the rule book of beauty pageants, which includes the specific sizes and magnitude the body segments portraits as a well-organized racist episode. Such criteria’s makes the participant, interrogate the inherited features of an individual’s personality. The most awful facet is the price tags attached to her body parts and not for innate qualities, remarking it to be the apogee of the womanhood. The tantrums and meltdowns of the cutthroat competition are well scripted and choreographed.

Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Continent, etc., are the titles, judged and crowned based on the external beauty. The inner talent and beauty such as academic achievement, empathy, social skills, athletic pursuits, etc., takes a backseat in the world of pageants. The actual colors of the abusive journey in the formative years, implants the abiding fear towards life. With so much of bruises by the bluster beauty pageants, I question the requisite of shepherding such events, locally or globally.

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