The Battle of the Quotients
The Battle of the Quotients

The Battle of the Quotients

The astounding scientific explorations and inventions transmuting into cutting-edge technologies, to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle by the mankind, is worthy of all the appreciation of the world. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the human race, certainly needs a big round of applause. While we brag about the achievements, somewhere in this journey, the growth of the Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been slower, when compared to the former. The fact is that, the battle of the quotients of Life is, typically won by the Intelligence Quotient, which is a lost battle of the mankind.

The suicide stories of the young blood, in our day to day life, are the witnesses of the lost battle. The dreadful results of the research conducted by the WHO, clinches that, suicide adds to 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 15th leading cause of death in 2012. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15–29-year-old. The age group is a point that needs to be noted. Such studies, reinforces the presence of human threats around us.

A few months back in May, one of my friend was waiting for the results of the twelfth standard examinations. Despite the presence of excellent educational institution and rigorous coaching classes, he was unable to live up to the expectations of his near and dear ones. Not that he failed, but passed with less percentage. The guilt of, not being able to satisfy the expectations of the parents, and the fear to face the world, led him to commit suicide. It is evident that, he had a very low emotional quotient. Every small defeat and disappointment is leading the younger generation to commit suicide.

Suicides have become very common. It is happening around us. We need to stop neglecting and start tackling this social evil. There are hundreds of reasons associated with it. Some of them are, family expectations, unemployment, poverty, professional battles, human relationship hardships, etc. Inferences incurred out of the analysis of the causes of the problems is, that the roots of all these problems are the same – ‘Expectations’. It might either be self-expectations or hopes of a parent, colleague, boss, partner, friendships etc. When such expectations are not fulfilled, they lead to depression, abetting the person to take such a drastic step. Whether we agree or not, this is happening around us, and most of the times in our family.

The idea of suicide has definitely penetrated in all our lives, at least once, at some point or the other. Ask yourself or your loved ones. You will come to know the myriad of unexpressed daily haunting stories of the mankind. Such discussions would prove that irrespective of whether, we have the IQ or not, EQ must be groomed for the human race, especially in the younger generation. With proper education and appropriate exposure to media, intelligence quotient is a sure shot winner in itself. However, it is essential to develop the emotional quotient of the individuals.

The solution to the most catastrophic delinquent ruining the lives of our children, starts at home. The vital life skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management is the prerequisite of parenting a child. It must be a compulsory part of the curriculum for the school and college students, grooming them, to tackle the hardships of the life. Being conscious of how your words and actions affect those around you is also important, regardless of the environment you are in.

It is the emotions that make the mankind intelligent. The emotion ‘curiosity’ creates the necessity, which being the mother of all the inventions. Therefore, the intelligence comes into existence. Hence, if there is no emotion, there is no intelligence. The race to be the first in life, satisfying all the expectations, will be in the ‘ON’ mode for the entire life. However the battle of the quotients of life is either a win-win scenario or the vice versa. Neither the IQ nor the EQ, can win over each other. The battle is to stay on par with each other (IQ & EQ), tackling the hitches of life. It is a team task of two members (IQ & EQ) of an individual’s life. IQ and EQ are the two irreplaceable paddles of a cycle, where one cannot function without the other.

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