Biopic - New Trend - Indian Cinema
Biopic – The New Trend of Indian Cinema

Biopic – The New Trend of Indian Cinema

The viral video of ‘Hanikaaraku Baapu’ of the movie ‘Dangal’ is in the repeat mode of my playlist. The lyrics of the song are as amusing and addictive, as its music and visual. ‘Dangal’ is a biographical sports drama film based on the true story of the wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari. The trailer of the biopic movie has already set the stage and instilled the excitement in the audience. The Biopic is certainly a new trend of the Indian cinema that is going to last for a while.

Action. Thriller. Drama. Romance. Comedy. The Indian Cinema has it all. Indian cinema has come a long way since its inception. Indian cinema has evolved in its own pace and gone through a gradual and steady transformation. Whether it is a change from black and white films to multicolored screens, live recording to studio digitized recording, animations, use of high end technology for the production, on screen story’s portrayal, scripting etc. Every facet of Indian cinema has seen an advancement in itself. On that note, Biopic is the new trend of Indian cinema, which is changing the dynamics of the audience tastes. In short, it is a new feather added to the glory of accomplishments of Indian cinema.

The recipe of Biopics and accolades have been a winning formula in the Hollywood, with films like The Aviator, The Iron Lady, Lincoln attracts industry’s highest appreciation – The Oscar. Recently, this newly lubricated formula of film making has been contagious in Indian cinema. The movies based on real life characters are hitting the screens and accepted by the audience very well. The movie buffs are attracted to such movies like The Dirty Picture, Neerja, Chak De India, etc., by the depiction of the struggle, lifestyle and challenges of common man who rose to fame through hardships, regardless of the area of achievement. The biggest advantage of making biopics is the instantaneous connect with the audience. Such stories, when portrayed in a simple and clean fashion, with a perfect story depth and gripping scenes and mesmerizing music, inevitably fascinates the audience. The movies intuitively acquire a promotional impetus.

There are a multitude of factors that influence the success of a biopic such as the demographics, psycho-graphics, commerce and culture. The mindset of the audience has also undergone a drastic change which is visible in the outpouring interest in such movies. Biopics is not a phenomena that could be dimmed with the advent of a new trend. It has emerged from its roots to stay for a while. The most perplexing part of making a biopic is to encapsulate a real life in 150 to 180 minutes of the show time. Having said that, it must be appealing and engaging for the audience. It must be definitely be worthy of the time and money spent on it.

After a long hectic week, weekends are always awaited to be happy, peaceful yet exciting. Cinema has always been the weekend agenda for most of us. When the weekend is all about a Biopic blockbuster hit, it is like an icing on the cake. More than being a movie, such subjects of film making have always been a source of inspiration and seeds of social change and encouragement in the hearts of the audience. Is Biopic the new recipe of cinematic excellence impelling the societal philosophies or a novel revenue spawning strategy of the cinema industry, will always remain a futile debate?

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