Time - The Secret and Irreplaceable Ingredient
Time – The Secret and Irreplaceable Ingredient

The Irreplaceable Ingredient of Relationships

In the past decade, I personally witnessed the changing social dynamics of relationships. Thanks to the technological encroachment for infusing sweetness and bitterness in relationships. We are able to relish the joy of connecting with our loved ones in no time. It is a fact, that we are more privileged and liberated than any other generation of the past. However, knowingly or unknowingly even today relationships are always taken for granted. The effort to nurture an enduring relationship is lacking. The secret ingredient for any relationship to last long is lost, regardless of the title. This secret ingredient is well known. Yet we are ignorant about the same. Yes. You are right. Time is the secret ingredient in a well reared relationship.

It is dreadful to witness a series of fissure in the relationships of my near and dear ones. A break of a relationship for reasons such as lack of understanding the limits of a relationship, lack of expression of the emotions, insecurity, complacency, conflicting relationship goals, social isolation, emotional hurts, lack of communication etc., and the list is endless. In some cases, I do not find the reasons to be genuine and at times it sounds justified. May be what is genuine to me can be fake to them or vice versa. True that, I am not wearing their shoes to experience their travails. The most common root cause is the lack of investment of time. Time is the irreplaceable ingredient leading to the success of a relationship. It is not a secret or magic ingredient. Just like salt in a savory or sugar in a desert, time is inevitable to build a relationship.

When any of my loved one goes through such a scenario, the only question that I ask my partner is, ‘How did we sustain in an eighteen year old friendship, four and half year old long distance relationship and a marriage for a lifetime’. Coming from different cultural background and entirely an opposite system of upbringing, we are strongly opinionated individuals. At times our tastes for life doesn’t match. Sometimes our outlook towards life is not the same.

Hitherto, regardless of our differences, the secret ingredient of the success of our relationship is ‘Time’. We were fortunate to have got an amazing foundation for our relationship in the name of friendship. The dynamics of the relationship changed completely, when friendship turned into a committed love and a lifetime marriage. We have invested irreplaceable quantity of time for each other. Irrespective our events of life, we always prioritized each other likes and dislikes. We always made sure, no matter where and how we are, we communicated with each. We always appreciated each other’s space. We have always accepted each other the way we are.

My mother always used to reinforce this saying, ‘One can never clap with one hand’. For any relationship to sustain, it must be mutual. The action and reaction must be from both the sides. Not just husband-wife relationship, even friendships, sibling associations, etc., all need love and time. Time needs to be devoted to enrich the love in a relationship. In short, time is never enough for any relationship.

A long lasting relationship is distinctive because it always needs time, irrespective of the glitches in it. Give
time and get back love in return. The joy of giving the precious time of your life for your loved ones is unmatchable. If you wish to rekindle the beauty of your relationships and recreate memories, do it today. Go and rebuild your relationships by investing time in them. Time to make time for your loved ones. It is not now or never. It must be ALWAYS. Always dedicate time for your loved ones. You never know what life is going to show up tomorrow.

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