Crossing the Edge
Crossing the Edge

Crossing the Edge

We all have a secret space in our heart. The love and respect for that space is impeccable. We do not like if someone tries to dig in that private zone. There are plenty of emotions buried inside the private zone. We do not share it with anybody, regardless of whether they are parents, siblings or life partner. It is absolutely discourteous and awful if anybody intrudes our privacy. Crossing the edges of that space without our permission creates bruises in the relationships. This emotion is mutual to all of us.

When I say ‘Us’ it is implied even for the famous personalities and celebrities as well. Unfortunately, we as the audience along with the media, always cross those edges. We make the best of our efforts to take a deep dive into their personal space and encroach their private boundaries. Are we given the permission to do so? Do we have the right to question about their personal life? Are we allowed to make assumptions about their journey of life? Who are we as ‘audience’, to question their private life?

There hundreds of instances when the media has intervened the private life of the celebrities and famous personalities. Recently, there was a rumor about Kareena Kapoor Khan has already given birth to a baby boy. In an another instant where the honorable chief minister of Tamilnadu, J.Jayalalithaa was alleged to be dead by the social media platforms like twitter and in many television news channels. Contrary to it, she was admitted in the hospital for health issues, just like any of us.

My question to all the media defenders and illogical audience is, ‘Will you like if someone intrudes your privacy? Will you remain silent if someone speculates about your life happenings and spread it across the world without your permission? Will you agree if someone reveals the secrets of your private life? Whoever you are, famous personality, celebrity or a common man, nobody appreciates it. So why treat the other person in a different manner if you do not appreciate the same.

Celebrities and famous personalities hold responsible positions in the system. Their actions impact the social grooming. The audience can always question their professional work and its impact on the society as a whole. Celebrities are undoubtedly answerable to the audience. Nevertheless, questions about their personal life and events, must be strictly prohibited. Those delicate boundaries must never be meddled.

The media cannot be always blamed. The audience develops the thirst for such news. Hence the media act accordingly. We live in a time, where not just, print and television reporters are the news advocates. With digital media in our fist, each of us is the Newsmaker. It is the audience’s responsibility to not to trespass those subtle boundaries.
The due respect and credit must be given to the celebrities. They must be encouraged with personal appreciations for their contributions in their field of work. On the other hand, let’s treat them like every other human being. Let’s give them the space to breath. Let’s stop suffocating them. Let’s respect their private space and aid them to create pleasant memories of their lifetime, without any intervention of media or audience.

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