In the present scenario, business is all about finger tips. Just with one touch, the business hit the peak or remains the same. This is the current status quo of the global business environment. It can be rightly said “digital” is the way forward. It is not enough to have your presence in the digital media space, but it is also necessary to make the best use of the same. Hence the concept of videos or rich media solutions comes into existence. To more precisely confirm, rich media solutions is the way and hence it is essential that every business organization knows the nuances of video operations.

As we talk about how important are video operations, it can be justly mentioned that “Rich Media Solutions or Video Operations” is one of the core functionalities of Dell’s eBiz Services. When we refer to rich media solutions or video operations, it is more than video creation. Video Operations embraces various aspects such as video cataloguing, video uploading, video inventory, video content management, video sub – titling in various languages, video referencing etc. In short, at Dell we provide a complete end to end remedy called Video Lifecycle Management.

This practice of complete Video Lifecycle Management helps to maintain an inventory of videos with different categories and this inventory can be updated on a regular basis. For simple stalking purpose, video operations are catalogued into Product and Non Product pages. This helps to have a track that none of the videos are repeated or duplicated or forged. Besides all this, the videos are also monitored for the global quality standards of digital media.

With the advancement of technology, the latest trend is to have the business message about any product or service as video. Any visual explanation is of great appeal to the customers. Hence videos become the integral part of any new business. A complete feast of video services is delivered as an end to end solution at Dell.

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