What will you prefer, a classified advertisement in a newspaper or 30 seconds advertising video for any product? Which one will you like more? Which will have greater impact? With the changing needs of the end users and shifting trends in marketing, “Video or Rich Media” have become the most influential and powerful medium of communication. Video Advertisements craft an image in our minds. It tends to linger in our thoughts.

Have you ever been curious about, “How videos viewed on YouTube or any other web page exists or processed? How is it maintained?” Did you know, there are specialized departments which manage these videos for any company? Did you know video cataloguing is emerging as the most demanding skill and art in the current market scenario, contributing to a large scale of revenue for any company?

True to the above facts, “Video Management or Rich Media Solutions” are the latest trend of e-commerce solutions. At Dell, every product or service launch, or any new initiative or message from leadership, is always recorded, released and preserved as video. The video library is maintained and managed in the name of “Video Cataloguing”.
At Dell, eDell Video Cataloguing is a method to preserve the Dell videos and maintain and manage them in structured fashion. A team of 6 members handles the video operations of Dell videos. The complete video lifecycle management is handled by this team. The video lifecycle management includes the end to end of the process of the existence and nonexistence of any video. This process is executed with the help of tools such as Content Management System (CMS), Ooyala, Backlot, SubPLY, Digital Asset Management (DAM) & Dell Share.

The end to end video lifecycle management includes uploading video to CMS, DAM & YouTube, tracking the URLs of the videos; ensuring issues of duplication are not aroused. Besides this encoding and decoding Ooyala code, maintaining video inventory and providing an existing video download source for all the videos. Captioning and managing the captioning translation processes into 17 languages is also one of the major tasks executed for video management.

The quality aspect of the video is the most crucial aspect of its popularity and the reasons of the video going viral. One of the most defining tasks of video cataloguing team is to maintain the global standards of video quality. This is done through quality audits of the videos at regular intervals.

At Dell, we believe and demonstrate equal importance to both, on screen and off screen artists. Just like, how critical it is, to shoot a video, it is equally crucial to manage these videos. Dell Business Process Services team demonstrates this art, in the most promising fashion, having a significant impact on the revenue spawned.

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