The way economy is grooming up to, there is no guarantee what the future will bring. Times are uncertain, jobs can be hard to find. For most of us, money is pretty tight, predominantly when you have a few of mouths to feed. To see the bigger picture of your future, being a Homestay host family can make a significant difference to your financial position.

It’s not a difficult task to become a “Homestay Host”. Do you have a spare bedroom or an apartment, available in your house? Would you like to share your culture and experiences with others while simultaneously learning their culture? Are you a sociable person (not necessary, yet an added advantage)? If yes, forward your thoughts about becoming the Homestay Host.

It’s a tough task at the first few instances to become a Homestay owner, as there is fear, insecurity and inconvenience in bringing a new member or group of members, into your family. But, once out of the mental hump, the benefits would be too great to ignore.

Being a Homestay host, is more than a lucrative source of income and great value for money. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know people of different religious and cultural background, all across the world. It is a very simple, yet the exceptional way of learning to live in harmony with other communities.

A Homestay host is the mirror of the city and its culture for the guests, since the host has better awareness about the community and its people. The hosts can provide the right directions for the guests to move around the city and relive the old moments and memories of famous places. It is a beautiful way to reconnect with your own community, which is usually taken for granted, in our everyday lives.

Above all this, the Homestay host, gets the pleasure of giving a home away from home, sometimes in the same city, at times in different city, country or continent for the guests, and creates a friendship that sometimes lasts a lifetime.

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