The massive growth of digital media has helped to attract potential customers in a much easier and comprehensive fashion. This also signifies that, the customer relationship management has become more crucial. In order to compete is this fast paced global business atmosphere, companies need to know about e-commerce business online marketing and multi-channel engagement. This requires an integrated approach of combining customer services, marketing, design, information technology, logistics and financial services.

With all the business organizations growing bigger in size, “Vendor Management” has become sparingly complex and critical. It requires highly embraced structure within an organization which can handle the complexity. With time, the needs of the business environment are also changing. No business organization wants a multi-channel vendor. Now it is all about everything under one single roof.

Dell eBiz Services are one stop solution for all the business requirements. At Dell, we offer all the e- commerce services in one single package. This package will contain the following services:
• Multilingual Portal Management
• Content Management / Marketing / Optimization
• Campaign Management and Reporting
• Search Engine Optimization and Automation
• Social Media Engagement and Monitoring
• Digital Mentoring and Internal Guidance
• Wireframing and Visual Designing.
• Microsite Integration
• Email Marketing and Reporting
• Video Cataloguing and Marketing
• Web Audits, Quality Assurance and Testing
• Brand Building and Viral Marketing
• Customer Reporting and Web Analytics
• Collaboration Tools and Project Management
• Public Relations and Loyalty
• Information Technology Project Management
• Customer Care and Relationship
• Pricing and Strategy
• Budget, Procurement and Logistics
• Supply Chain Management
• Payment Gateway and Order Management.

The above facets cover every aspect of online business by providing end to end solutions for all the demands of modern business organizations. At Dell Inc. e-commerce is no more skyrocketing. With a single platform for all the requirements, Dell is the sole space for business solutions which will lower costs, reduce errors and impact the growth of any business. Our portfolio redefines one of the core values “Making the complex simple” and strives to make a difference in your business.

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