An article in the Economic Times reveals that between a fifth to a third of the million students graduating from the India’s engineering colleges run the risk of being unemployed. According to Aspiring Minds, a research firm, a study in 2012 discloses the fact that, less than a fifth of India’s engineers possess the necessary skills required at any IT firm. These are just a few examples of studies. There is an endless list to it.

Some have good knowledge, few possess good grades and others have the skill. But one thing common to most of these software engineers is – ‘Unemployment’. The above mentioned scandalous statistics clearly demonstrate the sad state of the software engineers in India. It is essential to know, where you stand in the market, your value and what is that you should possess to come out of this pothole of Unemployment.

In this stage, the most intriguing question is that – ‘What are the reasons for the formation of this pothole of Unemployment’? The fabricated perception that engineering students would end up in a fat salary job, pressurizes the parents to force their children to opt for engineering disciplines, sometimes against their wishes. Below par quality of education provided by the private institutions focussing more on the theoretical aspect of engineering curriculum leaves a hole in the skillset impacting one’s future. Lack of exposure to modern technological skills along with outdated learning attitude reveals how this pothole of unemployment is deepening into the chasm. Tormented by a torrent of sub-par educational institutions and an increasing skill threshold, India’s engineers are fighting against the odds of this extremely challenging market.

The clock is ticking away and every year thousands of software engineers are falling into this pothole. Frustrated engineers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified and, therefore, underpaid. Time to master your skill with modern learning approach and help yourself with the best fit job and thereby escaping from this rut.
The market is changing every day and so are the requirements. At the outset, the first step is to allow the engineers to choose their profession by themselves. The educational institutions, which forms the foundation for a software engineer’s future should provide an advanced technological arena and learning approaches on par with the changing market requirements. The four year program for a software engineer must be a platform to build the technical skills and in-depth domain knowledge required by the industry. Added to this, the software engineer should possess promising problem solving skills. Above all, the attitude and passion for developing and creating new products through engineering theories and tools, in turn solving the problems of the society should be the mantra for any engineer’s professional life. A self-continuous holistic learning approach is what an engineer should adopt.

In this global eon, rather than focusing on India, the question should be whether the world needs so many engineers. The answer is a big, “yes.” The world needs in plenty of well-equipped, talented pool of graduates with the right outlook. In addition, opportunities for self-employment are also plenty of innovative and energetic minds. It is just the matter of a tweak in the attitude and the passion to debug the problems of the world.

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