The Cynicism behind those Words…
The Cynicism behind those Words…

The Cynicism behind those Words…

A recent cab ride was one of its kind. The driver started the trip and I was fiddling with my mobile. The radio in the cab was switched on. The breaking news bulletin about the Pakistan Shrine bomb blast attack, where approximately 30 were killed and more than 100 injured, was being aired. The radio jockey had asked one of the listeners about their opinion on the same. The listener had commented, ‘This had to happen. How long will Pakistan keep blasting bombs on other’s head? One day they have to die with their bombs’. The cab driver had a sarcastic smile and stated, ‘What eh perfect response’.

I was shocked. I did not know how to react to both of the responses. After a few minutes I reached my destination. Nevertheless, the cynicism behind those words were jabbing my mind constantly. Will we react the same way if that bomb blast had happened in India? Would we retort in the same manner, if our family was also the victim of the bomb blast? The numerous questions bruised the heart and mind.

Back at home, life was as usual, but my mind was not. More and more questions pumped in. Why do Indians hate people living in Pakistan? Why are the families in Pakistan getting chastised, for no fault of theirs? Is it the war over Kashmir or the irrational hate towards the Muslim religion and the respective connected dots of terrorism? Is it the unjustified predisposition towards every human being, living in the land of Pakistan? What are the reasons for such a deep rooted hate, that we do not display even a simple sense of humanity and empathize with them? The unanswered questions grouted my thoughts.

Personally, I love my country. I love our strength of diversity. Above all, I love the sense of humanity that we possess, irrespective of which sate, religion, caste, class, race, etc., we belong to. For example, today if I meet with a road accident, the next minute I am shifted to hospital, irrespective of my demographics. All done by strangers and for the sake of humanity. Why don’t we show the same sympathy and empathy with them? Why is this indifferent attitude to the people of Pakistan? Why should all the Pakistani be blamed and punished because of the brutal acts of a particular section of the society? Humans and pain remain the same, regardless of the scenario.

With such deep rooted notions and attitude, we are certainly on the wrong path. No religious or constitutional law of any country teaches its citizens to hate any other religion or people of another country. The world is one. Respect for all religions must be equal in our heart. Above all, humanity needs to be taught and shown without any norms of inclination. Remember, what we show is what our children will learn. Let’s not teach our children to be choosy about their relationships depending on societal criteria. May they choose relationships depending on their inclination towards the goodness of the people and bridge the gap across borders of the world.

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