Real Vs Virtual Life
Real Vs Virtual Life

You will have to call someone after reading this…

I am a 1980’s child, where writing letters were a way of communicating with our loved ones and getting in touch with them. My mother consciously used to write letters to our relatives and family friends, at least once in a month. I loved my part of going to a post box and posting the same. The response for the letters would light up our face and hearts. This mutual communication gesture was a comforting family ritual. Of course, besides happiness, even sadness, anger, hurt, etc., everything could be conveyed only through letters.

Even the couples, during their courtship period would converse only through those hand written beautiful pieces of paper. The sheer gesture of response, irrespective of the content of the letter, would create butterflies in their stomach. Those papers would forever remain the treasured memories of their lifetime. Then, time travelled and telephone penetrated our lives. Even then, only the upper class of people were able to afford a telephone. The public telephone booth would be decked up with a huge queue of people, post 10.00 PM in the night as the cost of conversation per minute would be lesser. There existed the soothing and inimitable joy of reading a personal letter or listening to the voice of our near and dear ones.

Life changed when computers took over our lives. The popping up of an email response was an excitement in itself. Still, for some, letters continued to offer their share of joy. With the further advancement of technology, we embraced the birth of social media. Social media, bridged the gap between people, their emotions and time. Now, with just one click, social media rules our lives. The business vendors make the best use of social media to make their profits. It has grown into a synthetic personality check tool for the bride and grooms. Social media has become an indispensable part of our personal and professional life.

What was once started as a source to connect with friends, has come a long way. While I appreciate the power of
social media in all its positive aspects, a thought that bothers me is, ‘Is social media actually social? How was life without social media then? How human relationships are getting influenced by the social media? Do we get the same joy when someone likes our pictures on the social media platform?’

While speaking to a couple in relationship about how social media influenced their lives, this is what they had to say, ‘I love to start the day with her messages and calls. It keeps me energetic throughout the day’. Another couple alleged that, ‘At times social media leads to hitches in my relationship, not just with her, but with my parents as well’.

As I read a lot of personal blogs of people who are the victims of social media, I reckoned, most of the times social media is doing no good for the users. Most of us don’t know our limitations on social media. The sense to draw the line between the social media relationships and real life face to face conversations and expressions is lacking. Above all, the tone of such expressions is ambiguous whether it is text or email. Many of the research studies have one common result – ‘undoubtedly, the social media conduits the gap of the borders across the continents. Having said that, it undeniably creates emotional impact of loneliness, jealousy, lying, paranoia, hate, anger, etc. and what not, ruining all our surrounding relationships’.

The personal touch that real life relationships offers cannot be justified by any kind of emoticons or emoji’s. The comfort of sharing a good news or a pain can never be replaced by any kind of status post and their responses. The emoticons can never replace the coziness of a real life hug. There might be sympathy in all the emotions of social media, but they lack empathy. True that, technology and social media works wonders for distance relationships, aiding them to stay connected and express to each other, against the challenges of life.

Sometimes I wish technology and social media did not exist, regardless of its modern conveniences. Unquestionably, technology and social media are dancing in our heads and impacting our lives. However, the real life conversations and expressions are irreplaceable and their impact gets deeply rooted. Go on and reconnect with your loved ones virtually. Rekindle and revisit your childhood memories. Do all this and much more, but never at the expense of nurturing and deepening of your real life relationships.

Has it been a long time since you gave a call to your loved one? Has it been a while that you dropped into your
friend’s house? Has it been a while you had an ice cream with your parents? Disconnect your phone today (because we don’t need pictures as well). Do it TODAY. Let go all the inhibitions and express yourself. The impeccable joy is waiting for you. Open your arms and embrace it.

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