Paisa Vs Passion

‘Follow your passion’.

‘Follow your dreams’.

Those are the classic dialogues, which we have heard since our school days. Ten years have gone by, since I completed my schooling. With an aversion for science subjects, I ended up pursuing journalism in college, yet completely unaware about what, where and how my professional life would be. The three years triggered the passion for writing, but I was naïve of how to take things forwards. The mind race between Paisa Vs Passion was won by Paisa (Money) and I landed up in the corporate world. A secured job with a steady financial income gave way to the basic needs of my personal life. Yet the passion of writing dawdled in my mind.

After a stint of three and half years in corporate and countless financial commitments of life, I am back to the same classic epitome of the predicament of choosing between Paisa Vs Passion. Thankful to life and almighty, things are much better financially now than before. However the confusion remains, whether to follow my passion to fulfill the dream of being a freelance writer or opt for a steady income job to meet the financial needs of now and future.

After a long exploration and discussions, about why and when people choose Paisa or Passion, I grasped most people confessing that, they were waiting for ‘the right time’ so that they are able to quit their full time job and pursue their passion. Some wait for sufficient financial stability in life to pursue their dreams. And some advised me to follow the dreams, and money will follow.

One thing I learned from my experiences and past decisions of life, is that there is no right time for anything life. It is now or never. There is never a point in life where we will have ‘enough’ money, because, as we grow, our needs change and so our lifestyle. Not all are lucky to make a luxurious and happy living from their passion. Hence the turmoil to opt either for one – Paisa Vs Passion- exists forever.

Having said that, following a passion without giving into the stringent situation of life is a tough path. Due to the financial crisis, I gave up on my writing passion, then, and took up a random corporate job. That was a perfect decision for that situation. I have no regrets. What I regret is not feeding the fodder to my burning desire for writing in the early days of my career. I could have freelanced and got my articles published. I could have equipped myself with required skills, necessary to paint my dreams in the near future. I could have worked part time in the day and continued my full time job in the night. I could have established the freelance writing career along with my full time job. I could have worked towards my Passion in spite of choosing Paisa.

It is a myth that we need sufficient money and time to start the process of following dreams and step out from the conventional stable career. All these are just excuses that we give to ourselves, falling prey to the circumstances of life. If you have a passion that haunts your life, which makes you stay awake for almost 18 hours a day, you must definitely work towards it. Certainly, life will pose thousands of challenges. At times, we have to bend ourselves to fulfill the immediate needs of life. Then again, nothing is stopping us from working towards our passion for life. If you are truly passionate about your dreams and goals of life, you will categorically devote whatsoever little time and money is in your hand. You will make sure, the flames of your burning desire are never put out.

We all have one life. At some point in our life, most of us have travelled through the crossroads of life – Paisa Vs Passion. It is totally okay to choose Paisa over Passion. Nonetheless, we are not satisfied, irrespective of our financial growth. Time, we light up the frozen dreams of our life which have been buried deep inside our heart. I do not tell you to quit your full time job. But, take the baby steps towards your dreams. Slowly and steadily chart out a definitive plan for your dream. You never know, someday in the future, these small steps towards your dreams will help you earn a living for life. It is not ‘better late than never’. It is NOW or NEVER.

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