Snorkeling – Living the Fantasy
Snorkeling – Living the Fantasy

Snorkeling – Living the Fantasy

Born and brought up in a coastal land, I have always treasured being around seashores. I have never had the fear of water. Yet, always dreaded about swimming or going deep inside a beach. Have said that, I have tried some of the water adventure activities. One such water sport, was Snorkeling. Certainly with the support of life jackets and well equipped personal trainers. To simply say, snorkeling was once in a lifetime experience. It was an ease to a peaceful underwater life. It was like living a fantasy life.

Last year, during our honeymoon to Thailand, both of us wanted to have a hands on experience with some of the adventure activities of our bucket list. Snorkeling tops our bucket list. Yes! What better place than Thailand. Most people suggested Phuket as the destination for snorkeling and deep sea diving. However, we wanted to go to a less crowded place and have an immensely breath taking experience. After a lot of brainstorming and discussions, Angthong Marine National Park in Koh Samui of Thailand was finalized. Kudos to 100 Degrees East business venture to accurately chart out the plan, as per our requirements. A day before, all the snorkelers, were given a brief and proper training with personal trainers. This definitely helped us in letting out our inhibitions and ask them the silliest of our questions.

No preparation is enough, when you have the fear for swimming and getting drowned. Being a national swimmer, it was the most exhilarating day for my partner. For me, it was the scariest and most adventurous day of my life. All dressed up with swimsuits and lifejackets. With a tremendous adrenaline rush along with fear of drowning, I managed to step inside the boat. The one hour boat journey from the seashore into the Anthong Marine National Park was the most silent and peaceful one. The picture-perfect aqua blue water along with intermittent green scrublands were comforting to the soul. Nothing could be more peaceful and scenic than this. But I was completely wrong.

Once we reached our destination for snorkeling, the boat was anchored at the island. The time had come to get into the water. It took me more than a half hour to shred out the inhibition to take the first deep dive. With all the fears engulfed, I took baby steps to get in the water and float. The first fifteen minutes went off in getting adjusted to the diving mask and snorkel. Nevertheless, what preceded was the supreme experience of my life.

As we floated on the shores of the island, I started to observe the beauty of underwater life. Beyond my nervousness, I slowly started to relish the beauty of the serene life. The gorgeously colored fishes and sparky spiky sea urchins were flapping and dancing around in the water currents. We had to be careful that we do not touch or disturb the delicate marine life by our hands or fins– a strict golden rule for all the snorkelers. The pulsating sea life was complemented by a bed of patched corals. The more we snorkeled, it was more ostentatious. In short, it felt like an animation movie in reality. We did not know when the four hours of snorkeling got over. Engrossed in the life below that we did not wish to see the life above. Up above the world was so high and far away from serenity from the world below.

What started as an apprehensive and unpleasant affair, ended up as a life changing episode of my life. No movie or no documentary could suffice the beauty underneath. Just self-experience would help to appreciate the exquisiteness of the underneath. Beyond appreciation, this enabled me to realize how our small ignorance is creating disturbance to the underwater life, harming the true nature’s gift.


1. Learn to use the water sport equipment’s properly. Get a hands on experience of the same, before you get into the water.
2. Live the Life underwater without disturbing them. Enjoy without harm.
3. Relax. Don’t Panic. Life Jacket will definitely save your life. Swimming will increase your confidence.

I would suggest you all must try snorkeling at least once in our lifetime. It is unquestionably worth the money and time.

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