Comic Con 2016 – Back to Childhood Memories

Comic Con 2016 – What an enjoyable and memorable way to end the laborious weekend. Comic con 2016 was one of the much awaited event for my partner. Amidst the hectic weekend, the half-day session of the Comic Con 2016 was definitely spectacular. Comic-con is a two day annual comic carnival which was started in 1970 by a group of San Diegans, California. It is the western way of paying tribute to the iconic comic characters. Comic Con India started in 2011. Yet this was my first visit to Comic Con India, Bangalore. The fun filled adrenaline-charged five hours  of Comic Con 2016 repainted  my childhood memories.

As a first time visitor, I had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, thanks to my partner for introducing me to the world of games, marvel comic heroes and heroines, television series, etc., the comic con experience was one of its own. The comic fiesta was jam packed with diversified audience, with most of them dressed up in their favorite cartoon or television series characters. The ALTO K10 Comic Con consisted of workshops, interactive sessions, and interviews by special guest artists and writers, Cosplay and stalls for selling comic and television series and movies inspired t-shirts, mobile covers, posters, souvenirs and what not. The highly energetic and flamboyant environment was exceptionally overwhelming, taking back to carefree, fun frolic childhood days.

The highlight of the grand two day event was the ‘Cosplay’ where all the beautiful dressed up artists had a ramp walk session, exhibiting their innate talent and skills of acting. Not just foreign, but even Indian Comic Icons like Chacha Chowdhury, Suppandi etc., were also portrayed. The most appreciative part is the efforts that the Cosplay participants had taken to dressing up themselves to look the best their chosen personality. Comic Con had cash prizes (up to Rs 50000) for the registered best dressed up personality. Yet few hadn’t registered. They had dressed up for the joy and love for the characters and making the event much livelier.

Undeniably, Comic Con 2016 was definitely entertaining and enjoyable. Three cheers for the event management team for organizing the event in the most professional and attractive way, with utmost security alerts and precautionary emergency systems in place. It was definitely worth the time, reliving the old golden days of childhood and rejuvenating myself to kick start a new week.

On this Children’s Day, just a small request and wish to all the lovely parents – ‘May you allow your child to paint an unforgettable story of childhood. Do not push them into the race to be the first at such a tender age. The time of childhood can never return back ever their life. Once they cross this, they will anyway have to travel in the race of life. Hence, every child on this earth deserves a memorable and happy childhood.’

Happy Children’s Day to all the Children of this World.

Dream and Live Your Life!!!

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