Booming in the World of Zooming
Booming in the World of Zooming

Booming in the World of Zooming

Weddings have always been a gala, once in a lifetime affair for most of the Indians. It is considered as the most crucial, sacrosanct and significant event in the life of an average Indian. There are hundreds of mavens who have benefited in this process of grandeur celebrations. One such, is the most creative wedding photographers, who silently go around capturing the candid moments of fun, happiness, naughtiness and sadness in the wedding. Studies have revealed that, wedding photography as a business, is growing at a remarkable pace of 40% – 50% every year. It is certainly the most booming part of this zooming lucrative industry.

Rising costs and a slackening economy haven’t lowered the mood of wedding photographers in India. People are progressively looking to pay best prices for photographers, to capture the real moments and real stories of the wedding. Besides this, couples are willing to spend on photo albums, pre-wedding shoots and videos, allowing photographers to yield a better sliver of India’s $30 billion weddings business.

Gone are the days of traditional photography. The desire to have ‘out of the box’ frames and personalized photographs, prompts the couples and families to choose professional photographers from the humongous marriage market. These wedding photographers have smashed the conventional style of wedding photography and fashioned a niche in candid wedding photography.

Nobody wants to monitor multiple vendors. The trend of one stop solution prevails in this segment. Today wedding photography comes with a complete package. The package offers a range of services such as include personalized photo-realistic photography, creative wedding cinematography, traditional videography, traditional photography, custom made photo-books, pre/post wedding shoots, bridal shoots, attire suggestions, makeover suggestions etc., all with absolute quality. Indeed, the wedding photographer plays a crucial role in this whole journey of “The Day Celebrations”.

Amidst the extensive set of rituals and ceremonies, the couple go through tons of emotions and at times are unable to relish their biggest and brightest day of their life. To seizure the millions of emotions and stitch them into one striking story of life, one definitely needs an artist like candid wedding photographers. The prime agenda of a great wedding photographer is to focus and fine tune the details of this journey with utmost care and depth. Incorporating the best of the moods and colours, to create a flawless storyboard of the most dreamt day, to cherish for lifetime.

For spending lakhs of rupees, what they get in return is exclusive coffee-table books of special photographs and high-definition, movie-like marriage videos with exclusive music, preceded by cinematic trailers sheathing the best of ceremonies. In short, a beautiful memory lane decorated with memorable pictures, weaved into the threads of a romantic moment of the memorable day. A well stitched portrait of emotions and expressions.

The marriage market is set to boom like never before over the next five to ten years. With each passing year, Indian weddings are getting bigger and better, and so is the business involved with photography. And why not? Think for a second. A few years down the lane, when the marriage just remains as a thrust of responsibilities, “wedding” as a chapter of life, revisited as a lovely knitted story, is definitely worth all the time and money. At that moment, no one, but these lensmen, would irrefutably be worthy of all the praise.

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