‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement
‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement

‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement

Till three years back, I was suffering from ‘Theatrophobia- Fear of theatres’. Thanks to my treasured friends for helping me, to overcome the same. The output is the intermittent visits to the movie theatres with my loved ones. One such visit to cinema hall was for the movie PINK. Though I was accompanied by my female friend, this was definitely a movie more for the male clan of the Indian society. It is not just a movie. PINK is a Social Awakening Movement in itself. With a simple google search, one can get the facts of the cast and crew of the movie – ‘PINK’. So I will not be touching about the same.

A heavy heart of mixed emotions, a warm smile and a ray of hope for revolution, is all I felt, as I came out of the theatre. An unquestionable silence prevailed between us. May be, both of us felt the same. Long after I reached home, I told my partner that, it is a movie for all, not just male or female.

The Great Indian Cinema has come a long way not just in the form and usage of technology, but also in the portrayal of Indian Women in the 35mm films. The movie ‘PINK’ might have had some glitches. Yet definitely it is a giant leap. With due credits and respect to the great artists of Indian cinema, both in front and back of the camera, there are two aspects which are worthy of appreciation.

Firstly, a huge upsurge in the socially taboo concept, which bonds the audience instantly. The posters and trailers were enough for the viewers come to theatres. Secondly, the treatment of the concept. The simple, straightforward yet strong dialogues along with pitch perfect acting and dialogue delivery of the artists for such a deeply rooted, socially conservative issue. Whether it is a hit or flop, kudos and a deep bow to entire team of PINK for the thought and its powerful execution.

Crimes against women cannot really be battled by law and brute police force alone. A mindset change is the prerequisite. PINK movie is the baby step to sow the seeds of revolution in Indian society. The strong and convincing portrayal of the unfair and ruthless Indian system towards its women; the engrossing performances by the artists and the very realistic illustration of the life of the working women in India is itself a winner for the movie.

PINK is a crystal clear depiction of women’s plight and the miscarriage of justice due to the malfunctions of the political system in India. Breaking the stereotypes, attached to the women in India, PINK is a contemporary art, with a very powerful message of, ‘The Fundamental Right of Living a Life of their own choice need to give back to Women without any social discrimination, prejudice and assumptions’. It is an act, which questions the conscience of the viewers and linger in our minds. The rule book in the movie is unblemished in what the Indian society must and must not do.

PINK is a movie, which needs to be shown and publicized, in the urban and rural streets of India, in the form of street plays to bring in the required social change. It must be a part of the syllabus of the Indian education system, so that the upcoming generations are tuned in the right direction. That’s when the comprehensive drive of the movie, would be fulfilled.

Far beyond as the turning point of Bollywood Productions and the number game, the ultimate results would be seen and felt in the ages to come. More than a personal favorite, this movie is a must watch, for all the parents. Parents must show their teen and adolescent children. It might be an eye opener for them and make them stronger as an individual. PINK is India’s Next Gen Parenting Style.

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