Hover the Horror of ‘Honor’

Hover the Horror of ‘Honor’

Striking a conversation with the audience, known or unknown, acknowledging their life experiences and sewing into an emotive story for the readers, is what writer’s journey all about. One such instance of my life was, when I had met this couple through one of the friends. With one chat, I felt definitely, they were made for each other. The love and respect were justly evident in their words and actions for each other. Grilling them more about their striking yet challenging love life, I realized there was so much more to these beautiful smiling faces. A thirteen year old love story, which crawled from school to till date, was all about love for them and a disgust of honor for their parents. The horror of ‘honor’ of both the families, has made them stay away from them. Good or bad, they are mostly alone in a world of their own. They feel incomplete without the blessings of their families.

Having said that, this is not just their story. There so many couples who are facing the gruesome torture in the name of ‘Honor’ and mostly leading to ‘Honor Killing’. Not just in India, but also outside, the barbarous act of ‘Honor Killing’ prevails. The practice of honor killing seeps down across castes, cultures, religions. No borders could hold it from leaching different land. This philosophy originates from the belief that a woman’s chastity is the property of her families, a patriarchal culture of the ancient times and such incidents are increasing rapidly all over the world on a daily basis. In current scenario, not just women, at times, men are also the victim of these ignominious, cold-blooded murdering. In short, what was once gender specific is not a case of equality. Sadly for wrong reasons.

There are umpteen reasons justified by the so called societal ‘pundits’ such as refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault or rape, seeking a divorce, even from an abusive husband or wife, committing adultery or fornication, pre-marital sex, falling in love with men or women outside once caste etc., and the never ending list goes on. The victim to such heinous acts could either be male or female, or at times both. They are either beheaded, burned to death, stoned to death, stabbed, electrocuted, strangled and buried alive for the “honor” of theirs. The sheer discernment that once a child has behaved in a way that ‘dishonors’ his or her family is enough to trigger an attack on their lives.

It is disappointing to view the fact that families often use honor killings to maintain their dominant patriarchal status. How can killing your children bring integrity and righteousness to you and your family? What kind of reputation are you earning when you cannot respect the decisions of your children? Such questions remain unanswered and neglected by our rigid Indian society.

Stringent laws, capital punishments, and excruciating ending for such wrongdoers, along with intense awareness among the public by the efforts of media, is the need of the hour. Raising a child, amidst all the adversities and killing the same child, in the name of ‘honor’ is unpardonable. At a time, where we preach and practice the whole world to be one global village, such atrocious philosophies are worthy of abolishment.

The families of the couple have not yet accepted their marriage. Fortunately, the couple’s parents have not gone to the extent of killing and taking their lives. Nevertheless, being away from their homeland and deprived from the love of their families, for no fault of theirs, is the cost of their marriage. Time to retrospect for all those who believe that their caste or religion will give ‘Honor’ for life.

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