The Great Legendary M.S.Viswanathan
The Great Legendary M.S.Viswanathan

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In the modern world, we as the audience get to experience new and unique forms of music every day. Cheers to the growth of media and technology, it is getting easier for the musicians to carve their niche. Many in this courageous upcoming generation wants to take up music as their career. They desire to transform their hobby into a passionate professional career. Though luck, is one of the factors influencing their success, they have no two thoughts in stepping into this field. Having said that, a lot of young artists do look up to the yesteryear legendary musicians, for knowledge and inspiration. The one common trailblazer for all the youngsters, is the great Legendary Musician of Tamil Music Industry “Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan or M.S.V”. Often referred as “Mellisai Mannar – The King of Light Music”.

A lot is written and talked about the great M.S.V’s musical journey and his contributions to the Indian Music Industry. With just a few clicks on Google, one can easily get information about his geography and biography. With my research I found that, very less is spoken about his aura and charisma of music to enthuse the lineage of musicians thereafter.

When quizzed a few of my music loving friends, I realized how M.S.V’s life has not only inspired, but also influenced them to foster a positive approach towards life. A staunch lover of M.S.V’s music quoted, ‘His countless songs have always melted in my heart. His every song is a precious jewel. Whatever little knowledge that I have gained in music, I owe it to his music. Someday when I compose my first song, it would definitely be an homage to him’.

A true genius and great composer of music, M.S.V is not only a muse of music, but also a book of enduring life in himself. Most artists of this and then generation have always yearned to learn his style of composing and recording of music. He did not have to teach anybody anything vocally. His work would be read like a book of knowledge for all the artists. His competitors or colleagues never treated him like a rival in their profession. It is believed that, his modest personality would melt even an enemy’s heart. With an unpretentious start, he rose to the zeniths of brilliance in his profession, but yet remained a simpleton, till the very end.

A multilingual music champion, his fan following is spread across the world. There are many international artists who embrace his compositions to gain knowledge about the basics of Indian classical music. His compositions might feel simple to the layman, but only a music scholar could understand the depth of the compositions and emotions attached to them. Many musical experts have felt the eye opening movement of scales and different tunes for same ragas, in his compositions leaving them totally flabbergasted in their mind. I am surprised why he is referred as ‘The King of Light music’ when his compositions are so heavy and enthralling in itself. No words, no books, no music composition can pay tribute and leverage the moments, that his compositions have created in every listener’s life.

Breaking the barriers of every phase of life, he has always stunned the audience. Belonging to a time, when there was minimal technology for one to experiment his ideas, it is unquestionably commendable. His music has set a tone and language for the generations to come. Long after his time is done, he always lives on with his creations, like a bright shining star, visible for eternity. MSV is such a personality.

On 14 July 2015, his soul rested in peace, leaving all of us with tears. One of the Facebook posts on his demise had stated, ‘My link to my past is gone’. The post said it all. There was no better way to validate how M.S.V’s music and life influenced all our lives. Long live the great soul. His immortal body of work and his own life, are like the strings of a violin. Even if one breaks, there is no music left.

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